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White Mountains Winter Wonderland

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Winter Things To Do in North Conway, NH

Are you looking for some awesome winter things to do in North Conway, NH?

I could go on and on about this and that because there are so many fun things to do in North Conway in winter, but I'll cut to the chase and only give you 3 days worth!

If you're vacationing at Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch, the info below will save you money and guarantee you a huge fun factor!

I'm going to pretend you are my favorite cousins coming for a 3-day visit at my North Conway cabin and want to be wowed with our breathtaking scenery and have tons of fun.

snowmobiling in north conway nh
Snowmobiling in North Conway, NH

If you've rented the greatest cabin rental in the White Mountains (Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch), you can rent short term or stay with us for months! Be smart and make the most of your stay by getting on the road early.

Plan to arrive in North Conway at about 9 AM. Drive directly to Northern Extremes. They are friends of ours.

The staff at Northern Extremes is friendly and knowledgeable. Rent yourself some snowmobiles and feel free to ask questions. Just make sure to buy yourself a map.

They will suggest an appropriate route for you to take based on weather conditions, your skill level, and the amount of time you're renting the sled. They have a great selection of well cared for sleds and they have great rates!

Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather conditions on the day of your trip!

You are in for a real treat sledding on a mid-week day! There won't be crowds on the trails and you'll be able to stop and enjoy lunch while taking in our beautiful scenery.

The White Mountains are my favorite place to snowmobile and I'm sure it'll be yours too.

Have fun and tell them that Teena says hi!

Now that you've spent the day exploring the snowmobile trails, it's time to head to the best New Hampshire cabin rental (Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch) and get settled!

Once you've settled in, you can call one of the North Conway Restaurants that deliver rather than working up a sweat over a hot stove. Remember - you are on vacation!

Snowshoeing Mt Washington

Let's assume that today is Saturday. You know the snowmobile trails and the ski mountains will be packed!

If you have your hearts set on skiing today, set your alarms extra early so that you can ski your first run on corduroy.

From our personal experience, skiing on Saturday is best from opening until 1 PM.

Get your giddy up on and plan to arrive at the mountain about an hour before it opens so you can be on the first chair headed to the top, and more importantly leave the first trail through the snow heading down.

If you ski half the day then you can grab some cross-country skis or snowshoes and take a scenic drive through the Notches.

You can drive until you find a State Park or trail that looks inviting and set out on foot to explore.

Dress warm, pack a lunch and bring a camera. You never know how long you'll be out there or what beautiful animals and scenery you'll see!

On the way back into town you can stop off at one of the local ski hills and enjoy their après ski entertainment before heading back to Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch to clean up and get ready for supper.

If you don't feel like cooking (remember that you are on vacation), you have two options; call out for delivery or go out!

For those of you that are like me and would rather go out for dinner then follow me!

If I was traveling with kids, I'd pick the Muddy Moose or Joseph's Spaghetti Shed.

Both are informal, serve good food at reasonable prices and, most importantly, you won't receive and nasty stares if the little ones are less than cooperative during your meal.

If your group is comprised of folks that are old enough to vote, I'd pick either Jalisco Mexican Fiesta or Red Fox in Jackson. I like both restaurants for different reasons:

Jalisco's is a restaurant you would pick if you LOVE good Mexican food, want fast and friendly service, and don't have a boat load of money for dinner.

The staff is extremely friendly, you will get seated before you have a chance to take your coat off, the menu is extensive, the prices are well below other Mexican restaurants in the area, the portions are ginormous, and you can relax if you little ones are less than perfect.

Red Fox Restaurant in Jackson has a varied menu of delicious dishes. Their waitstaff is attentive to your food preparation needs.

Food is served hot, prices are fair and their bar has its own cozy room. Plus, I like their beer selection!

This is what I used to say about Horsefeather's...

Horsefeather's food is not top shelf but you can be sure to bump into locals and tourists alike in their downtown location.

When I travel I like to eat where the locals go and at Horsefeather's you will rub elbows with folks that have lived here their whole lives. Plus, you'll feel the vacation energy from all the tourists who choose Horsefeather's too!

UPDATE: I am backing away from recommending Horsefeathers. They are adding 15% gratuities to take out orders and not telling patrons. I bet some unsuspecting tourists are double tipping and don't even know it!

We eat at and stop for a drink at both restaurants quite often. I hope we bump into you someday!

settlers green
Settlers Green in North Conway, NH

Costly? What a funny way to describe a day!

One of my favorite things to do when we have company in town is to go the Red Fox Restaurant for their Sunday brunch. I highlight the Red Fox in my blog, "7 Non-Chain Restaurants with Insanely Good Food in North Conway."

Their famous breakfast buffet is served Sundays from 7:30 AM to 1 PM. It's also $8.99! Children are $3.99 for ages 4 and under.

Here's where the costly comes into play... Now that your bellies are full you can head directly to Settlers Green Outlet Mall.

Settlers Green is packed with outlet stores where you can purchase just about anything imaginable. The only store that's missing is a tool outlet. I guess tourists are not thinking about leaky faucets while they're on vacation!

The Outlet Mall is on the south side of town so you'll be a few steps closer to home after you've filled the trunk with all of the bargains you'll find!

I tried to keep my suggestions to a minimum but in doing so I left out lots of great restaurants and things to do in North Conway. Check out our Things to Do in North Conway page for more great ideas. You can also ask me to send you my "Book of My Favorite Things." It's packed with 80 pages of local approved favorite things to do!

If you have any questions about vacationing in North Conway, other things to do in North Conway, renting a vacation rental or even our horses then please give us a shout at (603) 662 - 5391 or check out

We are locals and we love living in North Conway. We'd be happy to help you plan your best and most memorable vacation ever!


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