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7 Reasons Why a SnowCoach Ride Beats North Conway Outlet Shopping

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

mt washington auto road
Mt Washington Auto Road - Snow Coach

You've decided to go on vacation in North Conway, NH.

It's winter. You don't ski. Hmmm... in the past you would have spent all your free time at the outlet mall in North Conway.

Today's vacationers have a much more exciting and cheaper things to do in North Conway, NH in winter!

Consider the Mt Washington Auto Road's Snow Coach at Great Glen Trails.

The Snow Coach has fast become "the" thing to do. In fact, if your heart is set on this awesome thing to do in North Conway, NH, make your reservations quickly! They sell out fast!

A Snow Coach up Mt Washington Auto Road to the tree line will provide you some serious bonding time as your coach careens down the snow packed Mt Washington Auto Road with everyone screaming wildly - ONLY KIDDING!

The ride up and back is very gentle and the snowcoaches are operated by well trained and very knowledgeable drivers! Pick their brains about the snowcoach and Mt Washington. You'll see wildlife, bond with family members you didn't even think you liked, and get great pics you can post and brag about on social media!

What is a snowcoach you ask? In the case of Great Glen Trails and the Mt Washington Auto Road, it is a retrofitted passenger van with four tracks.

It's much more than just transportation - it's designed to operate and travel over ice or snow and in any weather.

Snowcoaches are wonderful snow climbing vehicles that climb the Mt Washington Auto Road to the tree-line. Talk about and exciting things to do in North Conway in winter!

It's an experience you will never forget and getting more and more press they are becoming THE thing to do in winter when traveling to North Conway!

Folks used to come to the White Mountains in winter to do two things - ski or outlet shop!

Move over skiing and North Conway outlet shopping because having the experience of your life aboard a Snowcoach is a once in a lifetime experience!

Do your research and book your tickets early in the season or you're going to have to wait until next year to have the time of your life!


I would like to add that the price to experience a Snowcoach ride up Mt Washington Auto Road is the best deal of all the things to do in North Conway during a winter vacation.

The 3 rides I have taken on the Snowcoach are some of my most memorable adventures ever!

mt washington auto road
Mt Washington Auto Road - Snowcoach

OK, let's get going! No outlet shopping, the snowcoach awaits.

​You are headed to the top of Mt Washington (the home of the worst weather on earth), be smart and call ahead (603) 466-2333 to check the current day's snow report and trail conditions to make sure the Snowcoach is running!

The first tour of the day (9:00 AM) is the only time you can make a reservation.

The Snowcoach does tours weather permitting, from mid-December to March most years. The operating schedule is dependent upon terrain and weather conditions.

Hours of operation are ish 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Don't plan to arrive at noon and get on a 1:00 PM tour! Best time to arrive is 8:30 AM for the first tour. Snowcoach tours are wildly popular and get booked up by late mornings most days!

Please call (603) 466-2333 in advance to be sure the Snowcoach is operating and for weather and terrain conditions.

The Snowcoach tours depart from the Great Glen Trails base lodge which is across the street from the entrance of the Mt Washington Auto Road.

Snowcoach Beats North Conway Outlet Shopping!

Look Awesome? - It IS!!!

mt washington auto road
Snowcoach on a Starry Night

Instead of trying to make it to the top of Mt Washington, the Snowcoach takes safety seriously so they opt to go to the treeline and turn around there. There are often hurricane force winds at the treeline, so you'll be sure to experience the famed "worst weather on earth" phenomenon!

The treeline is about 4,200 fee above sea level or 2/3 the way to the summit of Mt Washington.

The scientific definition of treeline is the edge of the habitat at which trees are capable of growing. ​​

mt washington auto road
Mt Washington Auto Road - Treeline Photo Ops!

Quite often there are gale force winds at the treeline. Dress appropriately and make sure you help the wee ones and elderly navigate the terrain and the wild winds!

On most tours you can get out of the Snowcoach for photo ops or to record a video. Be sure to ask your driver to take family or group photos.

You'll enjoy reliving the experience through photos for many years!

Don't be a party pooper and stay on the Snowcoach, get out and experience the force of the famous Mt Washington winds.

For the less adventurous, you can choose to stay on board in comfort and warmth to enjoy the scene and the wildlife from inside the van. Boring!!!

mt washington auto road
Mt Washington Auto Road - Bald Eagle!

At any point in the decent you can request to get off and snowshoe to the bottom.

Only experienced snowshoers should make the entire run. The less experienced or less fit might opt to exit and snowshoe further toward the bottom.

mt washington auto road
Mt Washington Auto Road Snowshoeing

It's great news if you're a Nordic skier! You can choose to exit the Snowcoach and ski to the bottom.

Alpine and snowboarding are not allowed.

​Sit back, relax, and have FUN!



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