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Gay Family Vacations in North Conway, NH & Gay Pride Week

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

gay family reunions in north cownay nh
Gay Family Reunions in North Conway, NH

Planning a gay family vacation in North Conway, NH? You've picked a perfect spot for it.

North Conway, NH is an inclusive, welcoming, and family friendly town with many things to do. We have many gay family vacation tips for out LGBTQ friends.

I've lived in North Conway, NH for a long time and like most vacation destinations, it's very gay friendly. Some of the events and highlights for you to consider are; Gay Pride Week in North Conway, NH, all the summer fun you can have in North Conway, NH, delicious North Conway restaurants, and last but not least, the Be Kind Festival at Schouler Park.

Family is a word with many meanings.

It could be a mom and dad with some kids, a married couple with some friends, really good friends with no kids or spouses, two moms and some kids, two grandmothers and a mom and dad with some grandkids... two dads and a dog or two dads and some kids... you get the idea.

Whatever mix of people/pets you are, you are your own unique family and you can make that family out of whoever you want to. Or you can stick with your blood relatives... or both!

There are no rules. It's up to you who you let into that intimate familial part of your life.

No matter who your family is, we want you to feel safe and comfortable visiting us here in North Conway. That's why we at Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch pride ourselves in making sure that our LGBTQ families feel welcome!

​We welcome many gay parents, families, and groups into our lodge every year and they always come back for more!

Our ten bedrooms, indoor pool, and sauna, we're a hit for large groups of all ages.

North Conway, NH has plenty of activities for families and we are a very welcoming community. We value the importance of feeling safe, comfortable and welcome during your vacation.


According to the organizers of the Gay Pride Week: The goal is that all members of our community deserve to be valued, included and safe. It's celebration of the diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity for all LGBTQ+ people and their allies in the White Mountains region.

Gay Pride week events will include the following:

  • Lip Sync Battle at a local restaurant. This event will include a performance by "Dueling Divas" who are the Gay Pride events biggest supporters

  • NH Gay Men's Chorus Concert performing live at the Lutheran Church of the Nativity. It will be a celebration of the church's welcoming and acceptance of all people of faith in the LGBTQ+ community

  • Gay Pride Yoga at a local studio with proceeds going to the event

  • Hike for Equality - Kick off the Gay Pride Week with an easy and gorgeous hike up Cathedral Ledge. Make some new friends, get some exercise, support a great cause and take some terrific photos while you're having fun

  • White Mountains Pride Festival - North Conway Community Center is the place to be for a free family-friendly, LGBTQ+ day of fun, lots of games, delicious food both, and entertainment

north conway restaurants
Great North Conway Restaurants

I love going out to get a bite to eat with my family, on a date with my husband or with a handful of friends. There are plenty of great places to grab some food and drink in the Mount Washington Valley.

We have everything from Irish pubs to pizza parlors, great Tex-Mex to Chinese and Thai food... whatever you and your group are into--we have it!

Now, I'm no foodie and I like cheap meals but if you have a big party to feed then you're most likely looking for somewhere affordable just like me. I'm always looking for a place that will work with my husbands food allergies, is inexpensive and has a great vibe/atmosphere. My top seven places to eat in North Conway are listed here! Don't be afraid to try new things.

north conway outlets
Settlers Green - North Conway Outlets

Once you're all fat and happy checking out North Conway restaurants, it's time to do some retail therapy to work it off. Keep in mind that the biggest plus side to retail therapy in New Hampshire is that you don't have to pay any sales-tax! Save up to spend big at the Settlers Green Outlets or any other shopping outlet we have around town.

Settlers Green has everything from Old Navy to Yankee Candle. They have over 75 stores and restaurants right in the middle of town. They have an abundance of outdoor seating and tables so you can get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine while you throw your savings away.

Which is allowed because those savings are going straight into whatever you're buying and not into sales-tax. What a relief!

If you read my blog you have undoubtedly noticed how much I rave about North Conway being a family town and here I am to say it again. Whether you're a group of tourists or you've moved your family here--we are a town for all ages!

Finally, spring is hitting us (with a few random snow showers but this is New England. You have to expect all four seasons in one day. As it's getting warmer it is time to embrace our warm weather events!

If you're always struggling to get the kids off their phones and tablets then North Conway is the perfect spot! We're smack dab in the middle of a bunch of mountains and cell service can be real spotty. Our Wi-Fi on the other hand, is nice and strong!

The snow and ice is melting so it's time to bring the family for a kid-friendly hike, tube down the Saco River, or playing in some waterfalls at Diana's Bath. We also have golf, swimming, boating, railroads, or the Mt. Washington Auto Road.

No matter which summer activity you choose to partake in, feel free to ask me any questions or to check out my other blogs for more details! We have deals and discounts with certain locations and these are all personal recommendations that I have made because I've done them myself!

Right across the street from the outlets we have our infamous Christmas Tree Shop, local only to New England, and a TJ Maxx which always has great finds.

Wherever you choose to explore make sure to head down to Conway Village to check out Zeb's General Store-a blast from the past and a store full of unique food, candy and gifts to shop for!

​There are a handful of locally owned shops in the Village and if you get bored you can hop onto the Conway Scenic Railroad at our old train station!

We know Coachella just wrapped up weekend two in Southern California but we have our own festival here in North Conway centered around KINDNESS.

It's a great way to spend the weekend with your family (beware! There are dogs up for adoption so if your kids have been asking for a puppy it may turn into the Hunger Games...) at Schouler Park in North Conway.

Around the middle of May every year, North Conway will give you a chance to talk to your kids about being kind, and they can witness a large group of people being kind to one another!

There are lectures, a Kindness Wall, music, healthy food, arts and crafts, a butterfly release, flowers to give to our Nursing Home residents, Random Acts of Kindness, and, of course, free hugs!

It's a great way to spend the day, listen to some wonderful speakers and get outside! The air will be warmer and we New Englanders are here for it.

All's Well that Ends Well

At the end of the day, no matter who you've built into your family, you are welcome in North Conway. We are a welcoming, family community who pride ourselves in welcoming travelers and family reunions from all over the country (and elsewhere)!

​So grab the whole gang and come meet us in the White Mountains, to see what we have to offer.

Feel free to reach out to me for more information!



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