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Family Friendly North Conway Restaurants

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

north conway restaurants
Family Friendly North Conway Restaurants

You're on vacation in the White Mountains, staying in a New Hampshire cabin rental (like Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch for instance) and want to go out to eat with your children but have no idea what North Conway restaurants are family friendly.

In the old days you could pull out the telephone book and gaze at the advertisements to see if any mentioned being kid friendly. I've raised my family but remember vacationing with children and not knowing which restaurants were kid friendly.

In my not so humble opinion, one of the worst things that can happen on vacation is to go out for a bite to eat with tired, hungry kids and end up in a restaurant that caters to more mature folks!

My attempt here is to give my opinion about the best choices for kid friendly restaurants in North Conway, NH. Boy do I have an opinion!

I've decided against my better judgement to include chain restaurants (egads!). I'm not sure why folks insist on eating at them but when I drive through the parking lots I notice many out of state plates. I'll surmise that there are many families that choose to dine at chain restaurants in North Conway, NH.

north conway restaurant
Flatbread Pizza Company

As soon as you walk in the door to Flatbread Pizza, you will feel relaxed! The staff is vibrant, upbeat and most love working for this happening company.

There's plenty of room to spread out and for kids that like to have lots happening around them, this will be heaven. It's usually busy and upbeat plus you can sit near the oven and watch the pizza being handmade.

They encourage kids to draw and observe the process and they might even hang up your child's art work!

Food is great, servers are friendly, no one will bat an eye if your child is antsy, prices are a bit high for pizza but everything is organic and it's right in the middle of downtown North Conway. You can't go wrong eating here!

north conway restaurant
Muddy Moose North Conway Restaurant

This North Conway restaurant has a very trendy lodge type decor. Kids love the moose mounts and antler lights. The fireplace is also a real hit on a cold, damp day!

Muddy Moose has made their reputation on being kid friendly and offering good food at reasonable prices. I've eaten there many times and never once been disappointed.

The menu is varied, the restaurant is always clean and neat, prices are very reasonable and kids are always welcome!

The one thing I can comment about in a not so great way is the noise level! It's LOUD in there. Always.

Check out the picture above. It's all wood and glass with nary a shred of cloth or rug in sight to absorb any noise.

If you're planning on having a serious conversation over your meal, dine somewhere else.

north conway restaurant
Joseph's Spaghetti Shed

Joseph's Spaghetti Shed

Joseph's Spaghetti Shed is a totally family friendly restaurant located in Bartlett, NH.

Yelp reviews give it a 3.5 rating which is an average of 43 reviews. Most of the reviewers mentioned that the decor is drab and the spaghetti is commercially made, not homemade.

If you're looking for lots of carbs for a moderate price and LOVE hot bread with garlic butter, THIS is the place for you!

Food is consistent and the waitstaff is very friendly. They are not open for lunch and are a great stop for a bite to eat after Story Land closes!

north conway restaurant
Shannon Door Pub

Shannon Door Pub

I know, I know... an Irish pub with pizza?

I have to admit that I've never had anything else off the menu at Shannon Door Pub except their pizza! And I've had lots of it! My personal fav is their feta and broccoli pizza cooked extra crispy.

Don't expect anything fancy here! Pizza comes served on thick paper plates, the inside has not been renovated since the late 1960's and the bathrooms are not great BUT the combination of upbeat music, friendly staff and the Irish pub atmosphere WORKS!

When you're seated, dive into the menu and think fast because the waitresses are fast as lightening (although the kitchen staff is much slower). They are efficient and on task but don't have time for indecision!

I've heard other items on the menu are delicious but I stick with the pizza. I'm funny that way...

north conway restaurant
Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Have I lost my mind? A chain restaurant?

The most I'll say about this restaurant is that it's close to Story Land.

You know the rest.

north conway restaurant
302 West Smokehouse Restaurant

302 West Smokehouse and Tavern

OK... so here's a restaurant that your kids can let their hair down! Tables are close together, it's usually pretty packed and don't be in a hurry because food prep is s.l.o.w.

They fill up quickly during the dinner hours so try to get there a bit before lunch or supper.

This restaurant is in Fryeburg, ME but only a short drive from North Conway.

It's worth the drive if you want a great view off the back deck, good food and a tourist vibe. Lots of folks stop here on their way into town so you'll never be alone.

north conway restaurant
Delaney's Hole in the Wall

Delaney's Hole in the Wall

This is one of my favorite restaurants in North Conway, NH and is where great sushi meets pub grub!

They were the first restaurant to offer sushi many years ago. They had a vision and it paid off big time. Tourists and local alike flock here to get quality sushi and a great selection of it too!

My only complaint about the sushi is that you cannot get it made with brown rice. What the heck?

The dining room is kid friendly, prices are average, food is good and the menu is varied.

There are many things I like about Delaney's including the fact that at least one of the owners is on site all the time. It takes dedicated owners after many, many years of owning and operating this great venue to still be that committed! Or are they just crazy? No, really Dick and his sister are wonderful!

north conway restaurant
Elvio's Pizza

Elvios Pizza

Yep, you're right... not a very impressive looking building!

If it's ambiance you're looking for, skip Elvio's! If it's good pizza at a great price with picnic tables out front and a brisk take-out buisiness, pick Elvio's!

The best kind of family friendly restaurant in North Conway is a take-out one. If you're staying in a vacation rental then you'll have plenty of room to spread out and the kids can sing, cry and dance to their heart's content and no one will care.



OK, I know that lots of folks from out of town like to rely on the consistent quality of food in a chain restaurant but... I just cannot get myself to pass by a locally owned and operated restaurant and opt for a chain!

I know they have half price apps late at night. I know they have big beers. I know they have lots of kid friendly food. My beef with them is that you are out of luck if you have a food allergy because everything is made according to the company recipe.

If you're looking for a place that has been host to many a screaming child with no-one batting an eye, pick Applebees. Kids will love the children's menu and the one paying the bill won't be shocked.

north conway restaurant
Chefs Market and Bistro - Restaurant in North Conway

Chef's Bistro

If you're looking for good food at a fair price, this is one of the many restaurants in North Conway that's perfect!

Locally owned, Josh - the owner grew up in the Mount Washington Valley and in the restaurant business.

Chefs Bistro is intimate, comfortable, with a touch of urban flair and reasonable prices. Family and friends helped renovate the space to create a homey feel to the restaurant.

Locally sourced fresh ingredients are used whenever possible. The menu is unique, there are daily specials and for the not-so-hungry crowd, there is a good selection of small plates to chose from.

Check out their unique cocktails like a grapefruit infused Cosmo!

north conway nh
Cabin Fever - Convenient to Trails

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever is a rustic and cozy restaurant in Bartlett Village, about 2 miles from Attitash Mountain.

They offer a great selection of different types of food. Have a hankering for seafood? You won't be disappointed. Are you a burger aficionado? They serve up a great burger!

Every time I've dined at Cabin Fever, the service has been top notch. The last time we had supper there, it was really busy and the waitress still took the time to joke with us.

​The kitchen staff must love what they do because every plate is presented with pride.

If you're traveling with a family, put Cabin Fever Restaurant on your radar. You and you little ones will be comfortable and happy you chose them for a meal.

north conway restaurant
Jalisco Mexican Fiesta - BEST Mexican Food in North Conway

Fiesta Jalisco Mexican Restaurant

n my not so humble opinion, Fiesta Jalisco Mexican Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the area!

The staff is friendly and service is fantastic. Keep your eye out for the young fellow that brings all the plates out from the kitchen! One night I saw him with 5 dinner plates on ONE ARM! He's unbelievable!

The food is made with high quality ingredients and all the salsas, salsa and chips are made fresh daily. Food is cooked to order and meals are served piping hot!

Their menu is extensive but in the slight chance you cannot find anything you like on the menu, just ask. They will do their best to accommodate food allergies and personal tastes.

north conway restaurants
Horsefeathers Restaurant in North Conway, NH

Horsefeathers Restaurant in North Conway

Last but not least, Horsefeathers

Horsefeather's has had a few owners and gone through many renovations over the years but the one thing that remains the same is that many families dine here.

Centrally located in North Conway Village and across the street from the Conway Scenic Railroad, their location is perfect for tired baby feet when Mom and Dad shop til they drop on Main Street.

If you have food allergies, this is not the restaurant for you.

The menu is varied, prices are moderate and food is OK. My personal favorite is the beet and goat salad with Salmon as a topper. The burgers are fairly priced but make sure you ask for really hot horse fries!

If you need help finding a great restaurant for your group, don't hesitate to call or email for more information!




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