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7 Awesome Things to do in North Conway, NH

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

conway scenic railroad
Conway Scenic Railroad - North Conway, NH

Family vacations in North Conway, NH are a huge portion of tourists during every season.

Visitors are always looking for fun and budget friendly things to do in North Conway, NH

My favorite 7 things to do in North Conway:

  1. Eating out at a North Conway restaurant

  2. Saco River tubing

  3. Conway Scenic Railroad

  4. Mt Washington Auto Road

  5. North Conway Outlets - Settlers Green

  6. Story Land

  7. Four Seasons Lodge

There are several great North Conway restaurants when you’re on a budget. Some folks are looking for tips for Saco River tubing and Conway Scenic Railroad for families.

Are you worried about surviving North Conway weather? Most visitors don’t know that Mt Washington Auto Road is family friendly and you can enjoy Story Land on a budget too!

North Conway, NH is a very family friendly spot to host your family reunion or friend getaway. Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch is a wonderful North Conway vacation rental for your next vacation!

The condensed version of North Conway's history--

​North Conway, NH got its' name on the map in the 1930's when "snow trains", operated by Portsmouth, Great Falls & Conway Railroad started bringing rich city-folk to North Conway, NH to experience the new sensation called downhill skiing.

Every week, hundreds of tourists flocked to this quaint village to experience the thrill of rushing down a mountain on parallel boards strapped to their feet.

Skiing was new to America and North Conway quickly became known as the "birthplace of American skiing".

Growing up in North Conway, locals feel that some form of skiing is kind of in their DNA. A local non-profit called, Eastern Slopes Ski Club does fundraising and recruits many volunteers to form a program that teaches and allows elementary school kids up to the 6th grade to learn and ski for free.

But don't think for one second that skiing is all that North Conway, NH has to offer. In not particular order...

Here is my list of the top 7 things to do in North Conway that make our rural village famous!

  1. North Conway Restaurants

  2. Saco River Tubing

  3. Conway Scenic Railroad

  4. North Conway Weather

  5. North Conway Outlets

  6. Story Land

  7. Mt Washington Auto Road

So, here we go with more information about all of them!

north conway restaurants
7 Awesome North Conway Restaurants

North Conway Restaurants on a budget - I feel your financial pain for vacationing with a large group whether it's a family reunion or a friend getaway.

I've been broke and on vacation too! My best suggestions (besides cooking and eating at the best vacation rental in North Conway - Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch!) are my short list of North Conway restaurants on a budget that you will love!

7 Budget Friendly Restaurants Near North Conway, NH

  1. Jalisco Mexican Restaurant

  2. Almost There Restaurant

  3. Stairway Cafe

  4. Fryeburg House of Pizza

  5. Banners Restaurant

  6. Taste of Thai

  7. Ledgewood Grill at North Conway Country Club

For those not so budget conscious, it won't matter if you drive through a fast food take-out every day or you're a finicky foodie, there are many restaurants in North Conway that will make you smile.

According to TripAdvisor, there are about 80 restaurants top to bottom in the Mt Washington Valley and North Conway. Doesn't matter if you are gluten, soy or nut free (not suggesting that you're a nut!), vegetarian, or prefer your food to come from a paper bag delivered by a college kid, you'll be gastronomically satisfied! :)

saco river tubing
Saco River Tubing - My Fav Summertime Thing To Do In North Conway

Saco River Tubing - Sounds hokey, doesn't it? Well, it's not! It's a fun and low cost experience not to be missed. It's definitely a family friendly thing to do in North Conway, NH. Some of my friends plan a mini-vacation for 2 or 3 nights and float down our lazy river called Saco River.

Have you every tried swinging by a rope into a lake or river? Be sure to try it out here, but let go when you are furthest out from the riverbank. I have seen so many kids swing out and then head back for land thinking they can just step off the rope - NOT! I won't tell you what happens...

Have you ever seen birds flying full tilt into a hole in a vertical drop of a riverbank? You will definitely see it happen here. It's so unbelievable to watch.

Saco River tubing, give it a try!


North Conway Railroad | Conway Scenic Railroad

During all 4 seasons and in any weather, riding the Notch Train is a family friendly, not to be missed White Mountain Attraction.

I do suggest you pony up for the Notch Train. The views are spectacular and you ride over Frankenstein Trestle.

The picture above was taken from the train by ME and not photoshopped. The views are gorgeous and the ride is long enough to have fun, enjoy a great train ride, and take some great photos.

Feel free to pack a lunch, bring drinks, or purchase some great snacks and sandwiches on board.

Halfway on your train ride, you'll get a lunch and sight seeing stop. The Conway Scenic Railroad would love for you to buy lots of souvenirs and feel free to use their clean bathrooms.

north conway weather
Weather in North Conway, NH - Jay Philbrick Photography

North Conway Weather - Yes, we are located about 40 miles from what is reported to be "the worst weather on Earth".

Are you worried about surviving North Conway weather? You shouldn't be - North Conway is a tourist town and no matter the weather, roads will be clear and your vacation won't suffer.

One thing to remember, it's New England, so you know you can experience 3 seasons in one day. When packing for your vacation, make sure you take warm weather clothes and extra layers so you don't freeze your bejangees (my Mom's favorite saying) during winter!

north conway outlets
Grab Some Deals at North Conway Outlets

North Conway Shopping North Conway Outlets

Bring your wallets and make sure there is some room on your credit card for a few (or more) purchases. You'll need it!

Settlers Green Outlet Mall keeps getting bigger and bigger. Whatever is on your shopping list is sure to be found there.

The only thing there are not too many deals on is tools. You can find just about anything else there.

story land
Story Land - A White Mountain Attraction

Story Land: A White Mt Attraction - Most folks don't know that you can enjoy Story Land on a budget.

According to Story Land's website, "Guests may enter the park during the final 3 hours of any day, purchase full admission (or use the tickets you’ve already purchased), and receive a free ticket to come back the next day, or any other full day in the current season."

Imagine that, one ticket provides admission for a day and a half.

The other money saving idea is to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy an old fashioned tail-gate party!

I went to Story Land for the first time when I was in my mid-forties.

I was really impressed with the layout, cost, food, service, and the number of different kinds of rides to make kids of all ages smile. I returned last year and I feel the same way.

It's a White Mountain Attraction that you are not going to have to mortgage the house to take the family.

mt washington auto road
Mt Washington Auto Road - Snow Coach

Mt Washington Auto Road and Snow Coach - Who wouldn't want to drive up the road to the "worst weather on Earth"? The ride is gorgeous, scary, long enough, well cared for, and exhilarating in winter. You can take the Auto Road in summer and the Snow Coach in winter. I love both!

Did you know that Mt Washington Auto Road is a family friendly White Mountain Attraction? Well, it is! Families will love to visit the museum on the bottom floor of the main building, get lunch in the cafeteria, and check out the restored "hotel" next to the mountain marker.

The science museum at the top of Mt Washington Auto Road, is fantastic for all ages and has a low entrance fee, the hotel will open your eyes about how the rich and famous used to vacation, and the cafeteria serves delicious food!


Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch - North Conway Cabin Rental

Come back to North Conway, NH. I bet you vacationed here when you were kids!

If you are looking for the best NH cabin rental because need a place to stay you're looking to plan a friend getaway or family vacation, check out Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch.

It's a 300 year old farm house right on the bank of the Saco River! Contact me if you have any questions.




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