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7 North Conway, NH Restaurants with Insanely GREAT Food

north conway restaurants
Visit North Conway Restaurants - Boycott Fast Food!

Show your love for small businesses and locally owned North Conway restaurants and consider eating local rather than fast food or chain restaurants!

Fear not! According to TripAdvisor, there are 88 restaurants in North Conway, NH!

There is a balance of chain and locally owned restaurants in North Conway. Personally, I wish there were only a smattering of chain restaurants and about 83 locally owned businesses!

Many of our locally owned restaurants are members of a very active restaurateur group called “Valley Originals”. Any restaurant with a yellow flag sporting a plate and a fork waving proudly is a member of this group.

I know most of the Valley Original restaurant owners and can attest to the fact that they are committed to their restaurants in North Conway, serve up insanely great food and are active and philanthropic in this wonderful community.

OK, we’ve all done it.

Drive into a town that you don’t know anything about and whip into a chain restaurant because you know the food won’t be terrific but it will be consistent.

I'm a local and I guarantee you great food at locale North Conway restaurants!

Please consider supporting one of the great locally owned restaurants in North Conway I've listed below.

Locals Favorite North Conway Restaurants

  1. Stonehurst Manor

  2. Red Fox Restaurant

  3. Delaney's Hole In The Wall Restaurant

  4. Ledgeview Grill at North Conway Country Club

  5. Jalisco Mexican Fiesta

  6. Stairway Cafe

  7. Almost There Restaurant



In no particular order I'll describe my 7 favorite, go-to North Conway restaurants where I know I'll get consistently good food, good service, a clean and crisp atmosphere and at a good price!

I compiled the best North Conway restaurants but if you want to, Google "restaurants near me". Do that after you check in at Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch and you'll get Google's opinion. HA!

stonehurst manor
Stonehurst Manor - North Conway Restaurant

Of the North Conway restaurants, Stonehurst Manor is the most elegant for sure! The setting is very Victorian yet you can dine there in casual ski attire if you want. If you're looking for a restaurant in North Conway, consider Stonehurst Manor!

For the foodies out there, their menu combines tradition with new and inventive tastes. They strive to use fresh, local ingredients when available in their Italian dishes. The pasta is fresh and made on-site.

Every meal is complete with artisan sourdough bread which is prepared daily and wood-fire baked. Trust me, you'll be ordering a second basket of bread!

Stonehurst Manor's 4 Dining Room Options

Stonehurst Manor has four dining rooms including summer dining on the screened veranda, the fire placed library lounge, the maritini lounge and the main dining room. Their fine dining rooms have a casual atmosphere and include a variety of menu items ranging from Prime Rib to wood fired pizzas.

stonehurst manor
Stonehurst Manor's Fireplace Bar Area

The fireplaced library lounge in this North Conway restaurant is a very unique setting where you can have drinks or a light meal. The cozy and intimate setting is perfect for those late night meals.

My friends and I often sit at the corner couches and have appetizers and drinks.

They offer a two-for-one dinner night on Thursday's during Non-holiday weeks. Buy two entrees off a a special menu and the total for both is $28! It's the best North Conway restaurant deal for wonderful food!

Please don't be shy about food allergies at Stonehurst Manor. They are very careful and accommodating to your needs.

Keep them in mind for breakfast too! Their Raisin Cranberry French Toast and Hunter's Hash is to die for! It feels so special to enjoy breakfast in a such a special place...

Stonehurst Manor is located at 3351 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, NH 03860. Reservations are encouraged (necessary for Thursday 2 for 1 specials) and you can call them at (603) 356 - 3113


red fox restaurant
Red Fox Restaurant - North Conway Restaurant

I refer to Red Fox as a North Conway restaurant but really, they are located in Jackson. We won't hold that against them though. :)

Red Fox Restaurant has been through a lot in the past many years! The were located in a much smaller building in Jackson and when their business grew to epic proportions, they built this new and beautiful new restaurant.

A faithful clientele followed them to their new venue and the vacationers did too! Everything was going peachy until a nasty kitchen fire put them out of commission for months!

Once again, they rebuilt and reopened and whalla... they came. In droves.

The food is great, the prices are reasonable, they are kid friendly, they are verrrry food allergy friendly (they are featured on my blog entitled, "You're Allergic To What?"

When I think of the best pizza or breakfast buffet's at a restaurant near me, Red Fox wins hands down!

Four Dining Rooms

Complete with 4 dining rooms, the Red Fox Bar and Grille offers a wide variety of dining atmospheres.

Each dining room has its' own unique design and style:

  • The Bar has a modern feel with 7 flat screen TV's

  • Choose the Ellis River Room - traditional feel plus you can enjoy a view of the gardens

  • The Iron Mountain dining room in the west section can accommodate up to 150 people and has barn-like casual decor

  • The Fox Den with a comfortable pub type atmosphere and a warm, cozy fireplace

I have to admit I've never had a bad meal at Red Fox and out of all the restaurants in North Conway I've eaten, I like their wood fired pizza the BEST!

​Gluten Free? NO problem... they will prepare a pizza for you with the delicious gluten free crust from Peace of Mind Baking Company!

Red Fox Pub and Grille is located in the beautiful Town of Jackson, right near the famous Jackson Covered Bridge. Located on Route 16 just 1.5 miles north of Storyland on the right.

Served Sundays: 7:30am – 1:00pm. Children 4 years and under $3.99


  • Chef Prepared Omelets

  • Baked Ham

  • Belgian Waffles

  • French Toast Sticks

  • Homemade Corned Beef Hash

  • Bacon

  • Sausage

  • Fresh Fruit

  • Cereal

  • Baked Beans

  • Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

  • Scrambled Eggs

  • Assorted Pastries, Muffins, Bread Pudding and More!

Red Fox Bar & Grille is located at 49 Route 16 in Jackson, NH.

Hours of Operation:

Open 7 days a week!

Monday through Friday the open at 4pm serving a full menu.

​Saturday they open at 12pm and Sunday they open for their Famous Breakfast Buffet from 7:30am-1pm, followed with our full menu at 12pm.

Delaney's Hole in the Wall - Great North Conway Restaurant

Delaney's is a tradition in North Conway for locals and visitors alike, for great food, drinks and fun times since 1994! Delaney's Hole In The Wall is also a family owned and operated restaurant in North Conway. Anytime you stop by you're sure to see either Dick Delaney or or Mary Ellen Delaney.

The entire Delaney's team describe themselves as the Hole in the Wall Gang, which is made up of a bunch of creative bandits who round up the finest and freshest local ingredients to provide you with a delicious meal.

Delaney's uses the freshest organic and locally grown ingredients available! Whenever possible this North Conway restaurant supports local farmers, artisans and businesses to provide you with the best experience possible!

We are proud to offer our customers organic ingredients whenever possible, and as always, we are so proud to serve you our Delaney's family recipes!

Every item on their menu is made from scratch and menu items are one-of-a-kind Delaney family recipes. If you happen to be there on delivery day, keep your eye out for boxes of prepared and frozen food items... you won't see any!

Which leads me right to food allergies! If there is anything you are allergic to or don't like, tell your server! They'd be happy to add or leave out anything from your meal to make it more enjoyable for you!

​Check out their Gluten Free menu

They have a pretty extensive gluten free menu for gluten intolerant guests. There are not many restaurants in North Conway that strive to offer an extensive gluten free menu like Delaney's does.

Please be aware that their kitchen is not gluten free and cross contamination may be possible. They do their best to serve your needs but make no guarantees to 100% gluten free.

Master Chef Steve Chen has created wonderful sushi dishes and made-to-order rolls for the past 8 years! They even won "Viewer's Choice Sushi in New Hampshire" in 2014

Check out their Sushi menu

Kids are always welcome at Delaney's too! Every table is covered in brown paper and there are plenty of crayons available for doodling while your delicious meal is being prepared.

You can find Delaney's Hole In The Wall Restaurant at 2966 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860. Please phone in advance for take-out orders. (603) 356 - 7776

jalisco mexican fiesta
Jalisco Mexican Fiesta

OK, I'll admit it - I used to call Jalisco's "Mexican Wendy's."

Before you jump to conclusions about me, it was true!

There used to be a Wendy's in the building and they went out of business because North Conway is hard on chain restaurants. Locals and tourists alike would rather eat at a home grown restaurant!

Jalisco Mexican Fiesta moved in to the building and didn't change any of the decor so it looked like a Mexican Wendy's! 🤣

That was then, this is now and the decor is not Mexican and Wendy's is a faded memory.

The food is fantastic and I dare you to eat your entire dinner! I order the Jalisco Burrito and I have 3 more meals in the left-overs!

I got take-out there yesterday and there was a 30ish year old fellow sitting in one of the outdoor chairs rubbing his belly. He looked up at me and groaned, "Don't try to eat the whole dinner!"

Eat the whole dinner - I dare you!!

north conway country club
Ledgeview Grill at North Conway Country Club

Ledgeview Grille is my favorite North Conway restaurant plus it's the BEST place to unwind in the entire Mount Washington Valley! The deck has the BEST view of any North Conway restaurant and is the locals favorite spot to relax, enjoy the view and have a bite to eat or sample one of their local brews!

The Ledgeview Grille is located on the second floor of the North Conway Country Clubhouse. The menu is typical pub style offerings. Prices are low, service is great and the view cannot be beat!

​Dynamic views of the Moat Mountain Range, Mt. Washington’s snowy cap and the Golf Course enhance our Guest’s dining pleasure from both the dining room and deck.

The grille is open daily for breakfast and lunch plus you can enjoy an adult beverage until 7 PM. The Ledgeview Grille’ staff often hears customers remark that the NCCC serves the “Best Breakfast in the Valley”.

Offering a wide selection of food and beverage options, the menu is reasonably priced. Why not join us for a snack and a cocktail while you discuss the joys and challenges of playing golf at the Club?

The North Conway Country Club has a phenomenal staff! From our cooks, who prepare the best in tasty food choices to our wait-staff and bartenders who look forward to serving you, our goal is to assure you have an excellent dining experience at the Club.

Separate seating may be arranged for small groups and, with reservations, a private room is available for breakfast and luncheon meetings.

Ledgeview Grille at North Conway Country Club is located at 76 Norcross Circle, North Conway, NH

Phone them for hours of operation at (603) 356 - 9391


Stairway Café

Stairway Cafe
Stairway Cafe

This wonderful cafe is one of the best breakfast restaurants in North Conway Village!

Walk up a few steps and enter the land of organic, local and inventive menu items at reasonable prices!

Breakfast - No problem if you want to sleep late because breakfast is served all day at the Stairway Cafe!

Their mouth watering breakfasts are the perfect way to start the day, even if you start your day in the PM!

No need to worry if you have any food sensitivities. They will do their best to accommodate your specific requests, too.

Lunch - Delicious Sandwiches and Specials!You will remember our sandwiches for their generous portions of ingredients and the beautiful presentation of each dish! Take a look at some of the new entrees!

The owners are Catharine & Alexis Newcomb and they run the cafe as a family business. Mother and daughter love North Conway, cooking and experimenting with food, chatting with customers and having a fun time with locals who frequent their restaurant.

The Stairway Cafe is clearly "Steps Above The Rest"!

The owners describe their menu as:

  • Delicious

  • Homemade

  • Fresh

  • Local

  • Fantastic

In fact, that's how our customers describe it too!

Here's a review taken from TripAdvisor's reviews of Stairway Cafe and restaurants in North Conway. Stairway Cafe is rated 4.5 stars out of 5!

Cozy, hearty breakfast and lunch menu!

This place is fantastic: hearty american lunch and breakfast menu with seasonal and home made ingredients (game sausages are absolutely amazing, as are vegetarian baked beans). Service is fantastic, decor is homey/knick knacks and has a deck.​Stairway Cafe is located at 2649 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, NH.

​Please phone them at (603) 356 - 5200 for take-out orders and they are open 7 AM until 3 PM daily.

north conway nh
Almost There - Because You're Almost There!

Almost There - North Conway Restaurant - Great Staff!

Keep your eye out for the sign when you're headed to North Conway! It's on the left hand side of the road just before you enter Conway. You'll be glad you did!

Step inside and take a step back into the yesteryear of the North Conway Village feel. It's an old fashioned, hometown bar with great food.

I've sampled almost everything on the menu and had many of their daily specials too and I can attest that even though it's located in Albany, it's one of the best restaurants in the North Conway area!

They specialize in pub style food and man oh man do they deliver! This is no fashionista hot spot but what it lacks in atmosphere, it makes up for it in hot, fast, delicious food!

Tell Cowboy at the bar that Teena says hi. He just might have a joke or two for you...

Almost There is located at 1287 NH-16, Albany, NH 03818 and their phone number is (603) 447 - 2325.

If you have any questions about these or other North Conway restaurants please don't hesitate to call us!




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