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Why We Love the Polar Express in North Conway

conway scenic railroad
Conway Scenic Railroad - Polar Express - Fun, Fun, Fun!

Have you ever ridden the Polar Express (Journey To The North Pole) in North Conway? It's one of the best things to do in North Conway!

The Conway Scenic Railroad does an amazing job with the help of several hundred volunteers every year!

Come decked out in your matching pj's, bring Grammy and Grampy, and you'll have the time of your life on the Journey to the North Pole that recreates in a magical way, the story of "The Polar Express".

​Let's get started...

We've all read the brilliant book, "The Polar Express" by Chris Van Allsburgh, either to your children or you had it read to you as a child! And if you have not done at least that then I'm sure you've seen the movie with Tom Hanks.

Either way, we've all longed to ride along Allsburgh's magical train in our coziest Christmas pajamas and we've all dreamed of what treasures we would ask Santa Claus for.

Now, Chris Van Allsburgh makes it so easy to imagine ourselves in that magical Christmas world due to his book being so beautifully illustrated. And now, after years of crossing our fingers and wishing with all of our might, that dream is finally within reach!

The Journey to the North Pole should have its own first class ticket to the top of your Christmas list for things to do in North Conway, New Hampshire this winter.

'I have several friends who love Christmas. Some of them love it to the extent that feels as though they're following along with a store's calendars; starting up their sales of garland, lights, ornaments and candy canes when it isn't even Halloween yet!

One of these human advent calendars (my best friend) always revels in telling me the number of days until Christmas is here, subsequently stressing me out in regards to shopping! We're in our 60's now... in case you were wondering.

Now, I love Christmas too but I am starting to firmly believe that I relate mostly to the Grinch. Those silly Whos are always singing and I just want to dress up as a ghost and enjoy Halloween! But then Christmas arrives and it's ugly sweater time and I'm all about it.

So whether you're a Grinch like me, a human advent calendar, or someone that hangs out somewhere in the middle, it's time to get your warmest pajama set and buy your tickets because the Polar Express is making its way to North Conway. Don't miss your chance to live your Christmas dream! Or nightmare... whichever.


There are two performances a day. One of which departs at 4:30pm and the other departs at 7:00pm. They start boarding the Polar Express a half an hour before departure, and the performance is about 2 hours round trip.

You can select coach or first-class seating and both will provide the beautiful adventure that is the Family Friendly Journey to the North Pole this winter.

Coach tickets will place you in regular, wide-bench seating while a first-class ticket will provide you with more space and the possibility of a table. Plus, you receive a complimentary gift as well!

They also offer tickets for seats in a dome car. You'll enjoy looking through the large glass window above you on the trains special Observation Deck.

Now, all tickets are considered general admission and are not reserved, so come early to get the perfect seat. There is also handicap seating available but it is limited so make sure to call ahead to let them know that you'll be needing it.

The Polar Express train departs the Conway Scenic Railroad on dates in November and December - including dates during Christmas week. Now is the time to get your tickets before they sell-out!


Heading onto this Journey to the North Pole is a great experience that everyone in the family can enjoy. From getting into the spirit of the holidays to enjoying hot chocolate and Christmas Carols you can partake in all of your favorite Christmas activities in one place.

Head up to this magical show and then BOOM! You are ready for New Years.

If just wearing your PJ's isn't hardcore enough for you then you can coordinate with your group and wear matching sets! Some people don them around town and even in restaurants.

Just make sure to dress extremely warm, maybe with a layer underneath your pajamas with a robe and coat over them. You might even want to stick on some long-underwear underneath them because New England can become very cold during late November and December so it's important to stay warm.


The train makes its journey from its boarding place at Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway Village and heads up the tracks for around 20 minutes where you can enjoy hot chocolate and elvish shenanigans!

At the end of the trip you will disembark from the train alongside some of Santa's infamous elves. Now, every single one of the elves have a personal history including a name, their age, and a past that your kids can ask them about.

The elves will guide you by lantern up the hill towards Santa's Workshop where they will read out the story we all know and love. You can even have your little ones write letters to Santa and drop them off at the Post Office.

Once you arrive at the North Pole Theatre you can all enjoy the famous Clement Clarke Moore poem, "The Night Before Christmas" as a family. The big jolly man himself will even appear making it a trip to remember.

I first took my own son when he was about 10. The event itself, in regards to Santa Claus, he was a little too old, however I know ten year old's that are all about Santa so it varies for each child.

He did love the train, the acting and he laughed the whole way at all of the elves along the tracks. He even talked to quite a few of them when we got off the train. He was trying to get them to mess up by asking complicated questions in order to throw them out of character.

The acting is fantastic and the story is the best part. Come by, grab a ticket and enjoy the Christmas spirit all around you on the Conway Scenic Railroad! Just make sure you grab your pajamas, robes, coats and boots and enjoy the ride.

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I'm easy to contact... call, text, or email me and I'll get right back at 'cha!




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