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Summer is in Full Swing in North Conway

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

As you may well know, New England is the haven of four seasons of weather.

Yes, we have long winters followed by muddy springs, with a quick spout of gorgeous summer weather and we finish it off with our infamous autumn.

Once fall hits you just have to walk outside and look around to see why we've made this haven our home.

In the winter we are well equipped to deal with snow and we provide numerous things to do in North Conway for any age.

Springtime brings beautiful rainstorms and earthy smells of soil and trees blossoming while summer gives us wonderful temperatures, insane amounts of greenery and a great excuse to go outside and enjoy some fresh air.

Well folks, summer is here! We can't let it escape without taking a hold of it and reaping the benefits it brings us.

Here is a list of things to do in North Conway, NH that embrace our beautiful summer weather with open arms (and some bug spray)!

Family reunions are a great time to make new friends, enjoy young kids, and to catch up with all the family you don't typically get to spend time with.

North Conway is a great place for family reunions! I mentioned all of those family friendly activities before because we really do have plenty of space and activities for everyone.

There is an abundance of great restaurants, local bakeries, and large venues that can hold large amounts of people around.

Family reunions are about uniting with loved ones and creating new memories that will last a lifetime. Your kids will always remember them, good or bad.

I mean I have been enjoying North Conway for about 50 years all because we came up here for a family reunion - I even moved here!

As I said before and will say again until I pass out from lack of oxygen, we are a family town. We are here for any age whether you're a tourist or a local.

With great weather comes great swimming holes, hikes, events and activities that we only get to embrace for a short time of the year and it is well worth the wait.

It's a great place to host large parties and to enjoy that rare quality time together.

Even if it isn't so rare it's a great place to escape everyday life and get a break from everything.

Plus, large groups of people can be hard to please and we've all been there. There is such a broad abundance of things to do in North Conway that will provide, at least, almost every family member with enjoyment.

Whether they like serious adventure, alone time, nature, and most certainly a break from their phones because we're in the mountains and service can get spotty then the White Mountains are for you! Ha ha.

If you're interested in hiking here are some great family friendly hiking trails in our area.

1. The Red Bench

The Red Bench is a view point overlooking Ammonoosuc Lake. It winds around the lake and has the Red Bench Trail oveerlook and a trail that heads Down to the Lake Spur.

They're all easy trails that take up to about an hour. You start at the Highland Center and you get great mountain and lake views at different points throughout your hike.

Take a picnic, the kids, and just enjoy this easy trek!

2. Saco Lake and Elephant Head Trail

The Saco Lake trail is right across the street from the Highland Center and is another great kid friendly hike. There are small bridges and streams to cross which keep the hike a continuous adventure for everyone.

It's only 0.7 miles around and contains some steep parts which you need to tread carefully, but it's nothing too difficult. The views of the Crawford Notch at the top are well worth the hike.

3. Cathedral Ledge

I can't talk up Cathedral Ledge enough! It's a beautiful ledge with an easy hike. You can drive right to the top and hike around the top. Make sure you hold onto small hands though!

If you prefer an uphill climb you can hike up the 2 mile trail, which is steep but short.

Views from the top of the ledge are just as beautiful as views of the ledge. It overlooks the Mount Washington National Forest and Echo Lake and is well worth the stop.

For more great hikes check out our other blog post about where to hike with tykes!

Hiking not your thing? Totally fine! We also have great swimming holes, restaurants, shopping and events around town.

You can tube the saco river, drive down the Kancamagus highway, drive or hike up Mt. Washington, or take the cog railway, take the Conway Scenic Railroad, or play golf! Granted, as a kid I always thought golf was boring--so up to you.

We also have plenty of lakes, boat rentals, water skiing, tubing, and wake boarding.

Whatever you choose to do--unless it's go to a bar, the whole family can enjoy the benefits of a North Conway summer.

​Of course, we do have great bars in the area too.

Cathedral Ledge

Sometimes we don't come with the family, but we're trying to make the family more official by eloping, getting married, or even just throwing a beautiful anniversary party.

There are plenty of places in North Conway that will help get you hitched, renewed, or to have a good ol' fashioned wedding!

You can go atop Cathedral Ledge, head over to Jockey Cap in Fryeburg, go to the top of Mt. Washington, or find a small chapel in the area with fantastic scenery.

There are so many great options to celebrate your dedication to your loved one at some of the most beautiful spots on the East Coast!

If you need to know more about the logistics, or here's more details on where to tie the knot at the best New Hampshire cabin rental!

Feel free to contact me directly to book you into the best North Conway cabin rental!



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