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Head to North Conway, NH for Your Next Artist Weekend Retreat

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

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Art Show Winner Linda Ethridge!

Artist Retreat in North Conway, NH

It can be hard to create in the same environment all of the time. You need to break up the scenery no matter what type of artist you are!

With the vast amount of things to do in North Conway, NH and the White Mountains, you should be able to create the escape that you need.

Pablo Picasso would vacation in Côte d'Azur where he'd soak up the sun all day long and then paint like a maniac each night. If Pablo Picasso did it, don't you think you should at least try it?

So many artists have taken artist retreats, whether they received residencies or they were just creating their own artistic getaway.

If you're looking for a new environment and some new inspiration then consider having your artist weekend retreat in North Conway, New Hampshire. Create your new environment and feel the inspiration from all of our fresh air, babbling brooks, waterfalls, mountain ranges and magical scenery.

All of North Conway's encompassing scenery is breathtaking enough to rejuvenate any artist. Whether you're a writer, a visual artist, a dancer, a singer, a photographer, an actor or any other type of artist you will find an escape here in the White Mountains.

Get ready to feel the inspiration!

Recharge Your Batteries in North Conway, NH - White Mountains

The Scientific Benefits of Changing Your Environment

Have you watched The Good Place? If you have, or if you haven't, there is a scene in season 1 where the protagonist, played by Kristin Bell, is helping an architect, Ted Danson. Together they are trying to figure out what's wrong with their heavenly neighborhood.

Ted's character is working non-stop to figure out what's wrong with his neighborhood. Kristin's character wants to deter him from the truth and decides that instead of working hard to figure out what the problem is he should slack off and go have fun.

They go bowling, sing karaoke, and eat frozen yogurt all to distract him from his job. She drops him back off in his office and the next day he announces that fun was exactly what he needed!

He figured out what the problem was. Or... at least he thought. But that's TV for you.

All that Ted Danson needed to do was take a break–and we all need that break sometimes!

Now, I know that wasn't a scientific study per se, but if you've ever tried it you know that it's true. It's especially true if you're an artist.

Psychology Today has a study regarding overworked Americans and what happens when they don't take a vacation. They explain that Americans are taking less and less vacations, and when they do take a vacation they don't use all of their vacation days.

The majority of Americans also continuously check in on work while they're on vacation. Even more Americans cancel their vacations altogether!

Work has become our priority when a lack of vacations actually decreases our productivity and our creativity. We have better work ethic, health, relationships and success when we take a break from our usual surroundings.

Going on vacation is good for your life all around and if you'e an artist it's a great way to get your creative juices flowing. The most important part to remember is that it's not just a break–it's a change of environment.

Taking a few days off to go sit on the couch and click through Netflix is not a rejuvenating break. Yes, you can get some extra sleep and detach for a few days but you won't get the same boost in creativity, health and mental clarity that you will if you actually go somewhere new.

De-stress at Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch, A North Conway Cabin Rental

The Downfalls of Social Media

If you're an artist, you rely on social media (primarily Instagram) to promote your work. I don't know if you know this or not but social media is scientifically proven to be stressful. And the constant fight to not look at your screen tends to be a losing battle.

Stress, blue light, and an addiction to consuming, consuming, consuming is literally harmful to your health. Blue light, harmless to the environment, during the day can boost your energy and mood while at night it can negatively affect your ability to sleep (according to Harvard Health Publishing).

But social media is our reality. It's how we live, promote and stay connected for artistic, personal and business reasons.

Sleep deprivation is a real problem in America, even with children! It completely drains your mental and physical health. It's not worth it.

That being said, artists: make sure you shut off your phones, and all screens, at least 1 hour before bed to help you get the most restful sleep possible. That goes for everyone, but artists rely on social media and imagery so much that it can be hard to power down at times.

Anyway, Onto Why North Conway is the Perfect Getaway for Your Artist Vacation

Like I mentioned, vacations are beneficial to everyone, but especially for artists. Vacations and artist retreats can help you find new inspiration, expand your worldview, and the experience as a whole challenges, changes and educates you.

Typically artists want to be surrounded by nature or the bustling city. North Conway doesn't have the energy and buzz of a big city but it is the perfect place to get in touch with your nature loving side.

We are a haven for outdoor lovers and enthusiasts!

The Natural Scenery in North Conway

North Conway, in the heart of the White Mountains, is one of the truest forms of a town that has embraced all four seasons (where do you think we got our name from)!

We have summers that are full of vibrant greens, thunderstorms and beautiful weather.

Our autumns are picturesque postcards filled with oranges, yellows and reds.

Our winters are pure winter wonderlands with fields, lakes and rivers covered in blankets of snow and ice. Snow capped mountains and pine trees are your new background!

Our springs are not notoriously our most beautiful season, due to the snow melt, but that's when you're surrounded by only locals. If you're looking for a quiet escape then spring is the time to visit. The tourists aren't around, the trees are starting to bud and the snow is melting away.

If you're trying to write a book, find some new scenery to paint, or even take some wildlife or landscape photography then you can find it here in North Conway!

We have everything from quiet hiking trails and meadows to lakes that host a vast array of flora, fauna and wildlife.

You can find everything here including: black bears, moose, white tailed deer, beavers, cardinals, coyotes, fisher cats, bobcats, snowshoe hares, mink and even the cutest porcupines you've ever seen!

No matter what type of season you choose to visit: nature will be here.

Things to Do to Change Up Your Routine

Now, one of the main things that vacations do for us is change up our routine. You can go looking for adventure with the vast array of outdoor things to do in North Conway or simply find a quiet place to sit and take everything in.

Take the active route and tube down the Saco River in the sun all day, hike, or find a quiet place to work in and then go home and create, create, create! Whatever your process is, and whatever you want to shake up about your process, can happen here in New Hampshire.

You could go up to the top of Mount Washington, home of the "Worst Weather on Earth" and have a new experience. Get a tour and learn all about the flora and fauna!

If you don't feel like driving, hiking or taking a tour then try taking the Mount Washington Cog Railway! It's such a unique experience riding an old railway up the side of Mount Washington–which it's been doing since 1869!

You could spend one whole day cross country skiing through the wilderness on our many cross country trails or go hiking through the White Mountain National Forest.

You could spend one day skiing, feel the wind hitting your face as you soar down one of our many ski resorts in the area, or take a swim in one of our many lakes.

We don't have the typical Starbucks on every corner but we have some great locally owned coffee shops that are sure to change up your scenery. Take your work with you, or just sit and people watch all day before returning home to churn out what you've decided worthy.

Just make sure it's creative work!

The Most Important Thing to Remember While You're Here

Whether you're alone, with a group of artists, or you're just visiting with your family you can create inspiration out of anything. Art thrives when we change our environment, even for a short amount of time. Actually, everything thrives! It's imperative to our health.

Come visit the White Mountains, experience all of the things to do in North Conway that can help you and your art thrive, and enjoy all that Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch has to offer!




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