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North Conway Attractions and the Best Things to do in North Conway

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

north conway new hampshire
North Conway, NH

There are so many great North Conway attractions which translates to awesome things to do in North Conway!

Whether your idea of North Conway attractions is outdoor adventures, winter activities, summer activities, sightseeing, or dining and tax-free shopping then North Conway, NH is the vacation location for you!

North Conway, NH is a wonderful place for hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and all types of great outdoor activities. Plus, we have movie theaters, amazing food, pubs, and tax-free shopping. No matter what type of vacationing activities you're interested in, I guarantee that North Conway, NH will give you variety.

Don't forget to look at the sky while you're here! If you live in a place with an excessive amount of ambient light then make sure you take advantage of the beautiful night skies we have here in North Conway, NH.

Leaf-peeping in the fall is another fantastic way to enjoy the White Mountains. Leaf-peeping is what we New Hampshirites call people that come to North Conway, NH and drive super slowly in order to look at all of the beautiful leaves...

But we do not blame you! The leaves here are gorgeous. It literally looks like a postcard. In the summer everything is vibrantly green, in the winter it's a winter wonderland. You really can't go wrong with our outdoor attractions!

So, here is our mega-list of the best attractions in North Conway, NH. May it guide you on your journey to your next vacation destination!

north conway outlets
Settlers Green - North Conway Outlets

Shopping is a wildly popular North Conway attraction and a fantastic way to enjoy the tax-free benefits that New Hampshire has to offer. Did you know that New Hampshire is only 1 out of 5 states without sales tax? Well, now you do!

So, where are you going to enjoy this game-changing shoppers heaven? Right here in North Conway, NH of course. We don't have a...mall per se...but we do have the North Conway Outlets.

Settler's Green Shopping Outlet's are a great way to spend the day. Settler's Green was built in 1988 and has over 60 brand name stores. Did we mention they're all tax-free? It's a New Hampshire sales tax!

We have everything from Adidas to Yankee Candle to REI all here in one spot. The North Conway outlets have plenty of outdoor seating, restaurants, coffee of course delicious cupcakes at White Mountain Cupcakery. If you head to Settler's Green Outlets sometime between April and November you can even enjoy a food truck and two food kiosks.

The North Conway Outlets are right off of Route 16. It's on the original site of the White Mountain Airport. You can't miss it!

north conway restaurants
Over 80 Awesome North Conway Restaurants

North Conway has some truly delicious restaurants - and I'm only talking locally owned restaurants. If you want to eat at a chain then those are here too... but what's special about them when you can enjoy local eateries that aren't everywhere you go.

If you consider restaurants an attraction, there are well over 80 restaurants in North Conway - sadly not all of them are locally owned but it does give you plenty of variety and options. So, if your party is like a group of cats then you've come to the right place! We have restaurants for adventurous diners, picky eaters and everything in-between.

So here are some of my all-time favorite local spots in North Conway, NH.

Stonehurst Manor has an elegant Victorian setting but it's casual enough you can go for aprés-ski dinner without changing if you want. They have play with traditional dishes with inventive twists. Make sure to try their artisan sourdough which is made in their wood-fire oven!

Red Fox Bar & Grille is a great family friendly North Conway, NH restaurant. Okay, okay... I said North Conway but it's really up the street in Jackson, NH. They have a faithful clientele made up of locals and tourists alike. The food is delicious, and they are kid friendly and allergy friendly!

Delaney's Hole in the Wall is a favorite of North Conway, NH's locals. They have great food, great drinks, and they've been in business since 1994. They use fresh, organic and locally grown ingredients. The Hole in the Wall Gang does their darnedest to support local farmers, artisans and businesses. Don't let me forget to mention that everything on their menu is a one-of-a-kind family recipe. They even have a gluten free menu!

Jalisco's Mexican Fiesta is the best option for Mexican food in North Conway, NH! They have huge portions of delicious food. They have delicious, authentic Mexican dishes, premium Mexican beers and of course Margaritas. You can even order online!

Ledgeview Grill - North Conway Country Club is easily the best place to unwind in the Mount Washington Valley. They have local brews, fantastic views and of course delicious foods! They have typical pub foods for reasonable prices and great service.

Stairway Café is the perfect spot for breakfast in North Conway Village. Stairway Café uses local, organic ingredients and they have an inventive menu. Also, breakfast is served all day which is good because it's my all-time favorite meal. They're also great for accommodating allergies and sensitivities.

Almost There is the last North Conway, NH Restaurant on our list today. Okay, technically it's in Albany, NH off of the Kancamagus highway but it's only a short drive away and it's delicious. Almost There is an old fashioned, hometown bar with fantastic food. They specialize in pub food and boy oh boy do they deliver.

north conway breweries
Kick Back at North Conway Breweries

I know I talk about all of the great family friendly things to do in North Conway but this is definitely one of the few things on the list where the whole family isn't invited. There's only a handful of breweries North Conway but here are my top recommendations.

Tuckerman Brewing Company has been in operations for over 20 years. Plus they're open 7 days a week and they don't require reservations! They also offer tours (which ARE a family friendly thing to do in North Conway). They have an ever changing list of brewed beer and live music.

Saco River Brewing Company in Fryeburg, Maine is only a short drive away from North Conway. They have tastings Thursdays - Mondays but their beers are available in Conway, NH and Bridgton, ME. There beers are quite hoppy! So if that satisfies your palate than this is the spot for you.

Moat Mountain Brewing Company opened it's doors in 21 years ago. It found it's home nestled right into the heart of North Conway, NH. Their large brewpub has been open since 2000 while it's Brewery Barn and Cannery in Intervale, NH has been open since 2013. Did I mentioned they open at 11:30am, 7 days a week? Well they are!

Last but not least we have Sea Dog's Brewing Company. Now, they have a handful of breweries around northern New England. They're easy to spot since they're a red barn off of the White Mountain Highway. They have 14 beers on tap and a nano-brewery.

summer attractions in north conway
North Conway Attractions in Summer

There are so many fantastic things to do in North Conway, NH. And that is especially true in the summer. Yes, we have all four seasons here, and there's plenty to see and do during each and every one of them.

Between Saco River tubing and hiking, the Conway Scenic Railroad and Diana's Bath's there are so many fantastic North Conway attractions in summer that will suit your whole family! Unless you're a beach family of course...I mean you can get there! It's just a bit of a drive. We have plenty of fresh water nearby though!

If you plan on hiking in North Conway there are some truly fantastic hikes. Whether you're looking for a difficult hike, rock climbing or just a simple loop hike that the entire family can enjoy then we have options for you.

Some of the more family friendly hikes can be found at our blog Kid Friendly Hikes in North Conway . If you're looking for more difficult hiking in North Conway then you can always hike Mt. Washington which is quite a feat on it's own.

If rock climbing is your real passion then make sure you check out IME - The Real Deal for information about the International Mountain Climbing School. Between the fantastically easy hikes to the harder hitting mountains that require endurance you can even have your choice of cliff faces.

The major cliffs here in the White Mountains are Cannon Cliff, Whitehorse Ledge, Frankenstein Cliffs and my all time favorite Cathedral Ledge! Cathedral Ledge also has an easy 2 mile hike or a road you can drive up on and enjoy the views with the kiddos. Just make sure you hold onto those little hands.

saco river tubing
A Delightful Day Tubing the Saco River

Saco River tubing is one of the best things to do in North Conway. So if you hike one day and need a more relaxing couple of hours then this is the activity for you. Plus, it's right in the backyard of Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch!

It's an inexpensive, relaxing and refreshing way to spend an entire day. Just make sure to bring the bug spray and the sunscreen!

Don't let the bugs and sun ruin your vacation. Stay prepared!

The Saco River is a great spot even if you're uninterested in tubing. Just make sure you do research beforehand. Some parts are very relaxing and slow, and some spots have smaller rapids...and some parts are quite honestly dangerous. So knowledge beforehand is key!

There are also many sandbars, rope swings and pick up and drop off's for floating down the river a few miles.

Last but not least on my list of the best North Conway Attractions in Summer is Diana's Baths. If you're looking for an even easier way to cool off after a hot day then head down to Diana's. Now if you have to ask why...ask no further. Doesn't Everyone Feel Happy Playing in a Waterfall?

The water is cold and refreshing, it's easy to get to and is only 22 minutes from The Ranch. It can be crowded so I would advise avoiding it on weekends so that you can actually enjoy the cool water rather than being overcrowded.

There are natural water slides and deepish pools that you can soak or play around in. Even if you just want to stick your feet in it's a fantastic way to cool off and relax. Plus, it's reasonably shaded as it's in the woods. Still, bring your bug spray, sunscreen and maybe a picnic!

Now that you know some of the best North Conway Attractions it's time to plan your summer getaway! Let us help you in making this your best vacation yet.

Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch is perfect for a small family vacations and wonderful in all seasons because of the views, and easily accessible ski resorts, Saco River, Sherman Farms, and Corridor #19.

Book the best North Conway Cabin Rental called Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch!

I'll gladly help you herd your gaggle of cats this summer - and for many more after at the BEST North Conway Cabin Rental!




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