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IME - The REAL Deal

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

IME - International Mountain Equipment

Don’t Climb a Wall – Do the Real Thing with IME!

International Mountain Equipment (IME) is the place to go for extreme outdoor sports!

Now that winter has hit, are you getting cabin fever? How about getting out and doing something a little more adventurous this year?

Have you always wondered what it felt like to be high on Mount Washington in the winter with crampons on your feet, ice axe in hand as you battle its notoriously bad weather in search of the summit? (No? Me neither but I digress!)

Ever dreamed of ice climbing? Does the idea of being tied into the rope and swinging your tools into a vertical ribbon of ice sound fun to you? (Yikes!)

Or are you like me and think that hiking the White Mountains is adventurous enough?

The White Mountains of New Hampshire have some of the best climbing in the country.


Maybe you've been rock climbing once and always wondered what the winter equivalent was like. Well, stop wondering and check out IME - International Mountain Equipment.

Timeline of IME – International Mountain Equipment

Take the way back train to 1974. That was the year that International Mountain Equipment, Inc. was founded by Frank Simon, Bill Aughton and Paul Ross.

1979 was the year that Rick Wilcox purchase IME with the intention of using the established business as basecamp to allow him to pursue his passions for rock and ice climbing plus 61 expeditions world-wide!

He committed to supplying his customers with the best clothing and technical gear on the market. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, they will order it for you.

FYI, if it’s Alpine Touring or Tele mark equipment you’re after, this is the place! They have a great selection of good quality gear.

Enter Celia Wilcox in 1995 – Owner

Celia has been climbing, hiking and backpacking.

Her forte is coordinating logistics for trips that their newest business, International Trekking and Climbing.

She is certified in CPR and Wilderness First Aid which allows her to assist customers and folks on the trails if needed.

Since Celia and Rick joined forces in 1995 they have co-led 13 treks/climbs in Nepal and 6 trips to Kilimanjaro to climb.

They both love to backpack, hike and climb anywhere in the White Mountains or a Baxter State Park in Maine.

Don’t be shy about reaching out to Celia or Rick for gear suggestions. They not just salespeople, they are experts in their field.

Pick their brains if you’re planning a climb, mountain adventure or expedition. They can assist with simple of complex climbs and are well versed in permit applications, gear lists and more.

Ask and you shall receive help and information from these wonderful folks!


IME North Conway is home to IMCS – the International Mountain Climbing School.

The International Mountain Climbing School has been around for over 30 years. They have been instructing folks how to be safe and proficient hikers and climbers.

Need a guide? Look no further than the experienced staff at IMCS! Their instructors, owners and guides grew up on the local cliffs

They know Mount Washington like the back of their hands so there’s no need to worry about climbing the mountain with the World’s Worst Weather.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rank beginner or an expert, they can teach you new skills or hone the skill lever you already have.

The major cliffs of the White Mountains include Cannon Cliff, Whitehorse Ledge, Frankenstein Cliffs and Cathedral Ledge. All are world class climbing locations and are in IME’s backyard! The IMCS staff will match your climb with your skill level ensuring a great day of climbing!

In summer you can expect to find the staff from IME leading folks rock climbing on the many spectacular crags and in winter, you’ll be treated to guided ice climbing, mountaineering, and backcountry skiing.

From beginning climbers and budding mountaineers to seasoned ice veterans and steep skiers - appropriate adventures are available to all.

​Swing by their location in downtown North Conway - located upstairs in IME, the outdoor retail store.

If you need a great place vacation before or after your climb, pick the best North Conway cabin rental - Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch! Welcoming great groups of friends and families to the best vacation rental in North Conway!




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