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How an Amazing Vacation Will Boost Your Productivity at Work

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Did you know that a healthy vacation when you plan active and relaxing activities will result in increased creativity, experiencing new activities, reduce stress, and recharge your internal batteries.

I did a lot of research for this blog and the word that kept popping up was creativity. Most research articles report that time away from work boosts creativity which leads to increased productivity at work.

It all makes sense. If you don't take a break from the task or project you are working on to problem solve, your brain gets no break from the path it's on.

If you change up things and take a vacation with your family or friends, you'll boost your creativity. When you are exposed to new and different things or maybe try something that's out of your wheelhouse will also boost your creativity. Vacations are a great time to do just that - most people try a new activity or explore a new place on vacation. A creativity win!


​​Elizabeth Padillo Olesen starts her poem about work like this:

Work in the morning

Work at noon

Work in the afternoon

and work in the night.

Does that sound like you? Well, you're in good company because according to Psychology Today:

  • Americans have been taking less and less vacation time in the past 15 years and we have fewer vacation days that any other country

  • 55% of Americans did not use all their vacation days in 2015

  • 41% check into work while on vacation

  • 84% of executives in this country have cancelled vacations to work

Most Americans pride themselves in working hard and being dedicated to their job but research has proven that employees will work harder, have better health, enthusiasm, and perform better at their jobs if they take time off.

Why is that?

According to Psychology Today, time spent enjoying leisure activities boosts our satisfaction with life and our marriages, increase good health, and result in us working harder.

How could it not? Vacations should be exactly what you envision - unplugging from social media, TV, work and pleasure emails, and just enjoying activities solo or with friends or family that bring you joy.

Taking a few days off and only getting up from the couch to eat and go potty will not give you the benefits you're looking for. Your couch should not be your vacation destination.

​You need to get up and go and do something you love. The break from work will help you to return with a new and enthusiastic point of view.

If you find you are unable to detach from work, you'll end up with burnout that impacts productivity.

Economically, you'd think businesses would encourage folks to use all their vacation time because it's estimated to cost $224 billion per year to pay folks for unused vacation time!

Raise your hand if you've ever sold back vacation time to your employer. At the same time, commit to yourself never to do that again.


A German study reports that social media has had a huge impact on our leisure time. "Leisure is becoming more and more stressful," the study reports. Folks feel pressure to document their vacation on social media and feel the need to stay connected with their friends and coworkers while they are supposed to be recharging their batteries.​


I work in the vacation industry and I have owned a cabin rental in North Conway, NH for 30 years.

As you might imagine, I have seen first hand the positive and enthusiastic energy my guests exude both during and after their amazing vacation in North Conway, NH!

Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch is, potentially, the oldest farmhouse in North Conway. It's a great getaway for a small family and friend groups that enjoy privacy! Most folks pre-plan an activity they have never experienced before like; Saco River tubing, driving the Mt Washington Auto Road, North Conway skiing, and other outdoor things to do in North Conway, NH.

A plus is that cell phone service is spotty at best and Internet service is sloowwwww so our city-folk guests get frustrated and give up on posting to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. That all adds up to a big WIN for relaxing, unplugging, enjoying, resulting in increased productivity at work and satisfaction in life.​


According to ​Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, "When you're stressed out and tired, you are more likely to become ill, your arteries take a beating, and you're more likely to have an accident. Your sleep will suffer, you won't digest your food as well, and even the genetic material in the cells of your body may start to become altered in a bad way."

Did you pay attention to that list?

  • Become ill

  • Arteries take a beating

  • Have an accident

  • Sleep will suffer

  • Won't digest food as well

  • Genetic material altered in your body

  • Plus, poor memory


I bet you don't need to hear any more - I know I don't! Start planning an amazing vacation at Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch!

​If you need any information about planning a vacation in North Conway, NH or a camping trip anywhere, give me a shout. I'm both a glamper (at Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch) and a camper/RV'er!

If I don't answer my phone, I'm out boosting my creativity and destressing by riding my quirky but fantastic horses!


Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch


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