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Girls Weekend Getaway Ideas in North Conway, NH

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Girls getaway ideas
Girls Weekend Getaway Ideas in North Conway

Once you decide to go on a friend getaway, you have to plan which things to do in North Conway, NH will be fun for everyone!

How about Saco River Tubing, Diana's Baths, North Conway restaurants, hiking and North Conway Outlets? They are the most popular and fun things to do in North Conway, NH while you're vacationing at a perfect North Conway cabin rental called Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch!

Before you go down the rabbit hole of things to do in North Conway, click here to check out the best North Conway cabin rental, Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch.

Sometimes we need a break from the kids, work, and life in general.

A guy or girlfriend getaway weekend is always refreshing and fun in North Conway, NH!

Girlfriend getaways at a North Conway vacation rental are great to let loose and have fun with friends you may not see very often, because we all know that finding time for friends is hard once you reach adulthood.

You won't have to worry about having enough really fun things to do in North Conway, NH on your girls getaway but you will hear...

"I'm free on Mondays!"

"I'm only free on weekends..."

"Ugh, I'll see you... never."

"Can't find a sitter for the kids!"

We've all had conversations exactly like that... because life is crazy!

We're offering you a chance to spend time with your long-lost compadres on a girls getaway at a North Conway cabin rental using our list of really fun things to do!

Besides, summer/fall/winter/spring is just around the corner and there are so many things to do in North Conway in any season!

Privacy is key here at Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch. You don't have to share any of your space with 60 other hotel guests!

If you need to fill your itinerary for your girls getaway in North Conway, NH with some fantastic things to do on vacation, grab a pencil, take notes, and prepare to have fun and giggle!

saco river tubing
Saco River Tubing on Your Girls Getaway

In my opinion, tubing the Saco River is one of the most fun things to do in North Conway, NH!

The Saco River is 136 miles long. It flows from up in Crawford North (The Notch), New Hampshire and empties into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine.

The Saco River is beautiful and it's one of North Conway's largest and most popular attractions. It's a great destination for folks of all ages.

Whether you like to tube or kayak, sunbathe, swing from a rope swing, swim, play in the water or fish, the Saco River will make you smile!

The North Conway area offers several places that rent out tubes, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards plus they provide a shuttle between their put-in and take-out sites.

Pack up all your friends and/or family, grab a cooler with lunch, leave your sunglasses at home (you'll lose them) - bring a floppy hat instead, and sunscreen and go enjoy a long, relaxing afternoon in the cool water of the Saco River.

Don't forget to take the GoPro so you can enjoy it over and over again.

Tubing the Saco River is so much fun I even wrote a blog called, "Things To Do in North Conway, NH - Tubing the Saco River."

dianas baths
Diana's Baths are Girl's Getaway Tried and True!

Diana's Baths is one of my favorite places in North Conway, NH. The scenery is always changing and even more than that - beautiful!

The falls might be a mere 75 foot drop from start to finish but the flow for a long distance and they look different in every season.

Take a look at the picture above of Diana's Baths in the middle of winter!

In winter, they ice over and then the snow builds up on the ice and you can hardly see the water flow.

Spring brings quite a show of raging water and it too dangerous to cross on foot.

Summer is the perfect time to wade around cooling off, sliding down the rocks on your butt or hiding behind the falling water in a few places.

Fall usually calms Diana's Baths down. Lack of rainfall, warm days and smaller crowds, make it perfect for even little tykes to play around and explore.

Don't forget to bring your camera. Fall is a perfect time to get gorgeous foliage photos at Diana's Baths. They are surrounded by mature maple trees and the reds and oranges look so beautiful as a backdrop to the falls!

Diana's Baths are handicap accessible and they have bathroom facilities!

The waterfalls are a very easy 0.6 mile walk from the parking lot to the falls.

You could spend your whole day playing around in the cool pools and on the natural water slides, and then warm up by sun bathing out on the rocks.

You are in the White Mountain National Forest so don't forget the sunscreen, the bug spray and to leave the parking fee in the box in the parking lot!

It does tend to be crowded in the summer, but there is a meaning behind the madness!

It's a great way to spend the afternoon at any age. If your girlfriend getaway is melting in the summer heat, this is a great destination for you and your friends.

For more information on the history of Diana's Baths, take a look at our blogs, "The Insider's Guide to North Conway" or "Doesn't Everyone Feel Happy Playing in a Waterfall?"​

north conway restaurants
GIrl's Getaway Hits North Conway Restaurants

North Conway restaurants vary from Irish pubs, to gourmet pizza, to glorious Atlantic seafood that is specific to New England.

We also have Chinese, Mexican and American style restaurants.

Whatever you decide to indulge in there is plenty of great food in North Conway, NH, and if you're like me, you value great food.

There are unlimited options, and if you and your friends are more concerned with lounging around you can always order in! There are a large handful of North Conway restaurants that deliver.

We also have various North Conway restaurants and bakeries that are sensitive to food allergies and dietary restrictions.

If you don't believe me then read our "Foodie" blog for the most picturesque food and restaurants around!

We also have a list of allergy sensitive and gluten free restaurants in North Conway, NH and places that deliver. (although, GrubHub is a great option for delivery too).


North Conway Hikes

​After you eat a ton of delicious food, sunbathe, and sweat it out in our sauna, you've reached the prime time for activity!

There are so many hiking trails in North Conway and they range from beginner to advanced.

We have hikes that are family-friendly, if your friend getaway involves the kids, as well as more advanced hiking rails all around.

Cathedral Ledge has the benefit of an extremely gorgeous view (my friend eloped up there!) and is worth the hike.

You can even scale the ledge, with the appropriate rock climbing gear and experience!

If you're a more avid hiker you can go straight to the top of Mt Washington. Not a small feat to reach the summit with the World's Worst Weather (don't worry, it tends to be a little more reasonable in the summertime).

Biking is another great thing to do in North Conway, NH.

We have bike trails that are paved gravel/dirt novice or experienced.

You can head down some simple paths, enjoy the scenery and ride at your leisure or go mountain biking if you're looking for some cardio and adventure. You can stay home or take a cycling class in a dark room going nowhere... it's up to you!

Just get moving and don't forget the sunscreen, floppy hat, bug spray and water.

north conway outlets
North Conway Outlets - Settlers Green

We don't just have any old shopping experience in North Conway. This is New Hampshire, which means we have no sales tax. I REPEAT: NO SALES TAX.

The Settlers Green Outlets in North Conway, NH are a great place to spend an afternoon, buying whatever it is you desire.

We also have some old school shops down in Conway Village by the Conway Scenic Railroad.

Grab a cup of coffee at Front Side Grind and enjoy a stroll in Zeb's General Store and the North Conway 5 & 10 Cent Store.

We also have nail salons, massage parlors, and yoga studios if you're looking to brighten your mind body and spirit while you're here! Read more here if you're a pampered poodle!


OK, you're rounded up the cream of the crop from your friends list, decided on a date, and lastly, you need to pick a North Conway cabin rental.

Everyone has their own ideas about what makes a perfect lodging in North Conway.

We have a unique space for 2 or more people! You can rent the RV, stay in the Eagles Perch and be right on the edge of the Saco River. If you've got horses we can give them some space too!

Time to relax, I know the perfect place!

Whether you're just getting away to relax, celebrating a special birthday, gathering together for an upcoming wedding or celebrating a milestone, consider Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch in North Conway, NH! The best NH cabin rental.

You'll be a short drive away from plenty of the things to do in North Conway, or even in Southern Maine! If you want to venture out a little bit. Come join us!



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