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Boston's 19 Most Influential Travel Bloggers

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Boston Travel Bloggers
Boston Travel Bloggers

​Would it make you smile to be able to connect with the most influential travel bloggers in Boston's Twitter accounts?

We are in the midst of prime introverted lifestyles and it gets more and more difficult to go outside, put on pants, shut off Netflix, stop reading Buzzfeed articles and go out and a meet people (not in that specific order)! The glory of this is that you can connect to people without leaving the coziness of your pajamas--however, the con to this introversion is that we are lacking in human connection.

​Whether your desire is to start your own travel blog, get out and travel yourself, meet new people or connect to people in your field then don't you want to connect to the most influential Boston travel bloggers via their Twitter accounts?

If you're in the social media marketing business then you know that networking and algorithms is where your bread and butter lies--and you need good, solid connections and mentors. So, if social media marketing is your jam then here is your highway to connecting to 2019's most influential Boston travel bloggers Twitter accounts.

And here is our shameless plug, because we had to learn this information from somewhere! We've used Buzzsumo to help identify the 19 most influential Boston travel social media marketing accounts in 2019 and have made this list just for you.

First and foremost, congratulations to everyone that made the list! You're influencing people around you and that is quite an achievement. Your use of social media algorithms, keywords and content is getting people off their butts and that's what really matters.

Now, here's a quick overview of how Buzzsumo creates their algorithm: Elasticsearch.

Okay, now I'm sure your reaction is similar to mine... what is that?

Now, why do you need to keep reading this blog? Like I said before, networking is your bread and butter.

You can use this list to connect to influential bloggers, meaning people that are succeeding.

You always want to connect to people who are succeeding!

​Learn from them by reading what content they share and how they utilize their Twitter accounts to their benefit.

travel blogger

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Congratulations to everyone that made this list! We included contact information so you can connect with them.

Jodi has 42,119 followers and lives in the Boston Suburbs.

Bio: Boston mom, travel, family travel, parenting blogger. Always dreaming of the beach.

Robin has 30,297 followers

Bio: Boston mom of 2 boys. Lover of travel, food (eating & cooking), Disney, The Red Sox, Zumba, and anything sparkly!

Lillie has 20,340 followers

Bio: Joyous 6-foot-tall Teacher, Travel Blogger, & Mama. I've written over 700 articles & passionately run.

Christine has 10,966 followers

Bio: National Brand Influencer & New England Blogger with over 12 years in the biz #RedSoxParents #travel #entertainment #tech #sports #Boston

Gourmet Pigs has 8,341 followers

Bio: #foodblogger & #travelblogger. Day job: Dr. Pigs Instagram/snapchat @gourmetpigs

Chelsea M. has 7,119 followers and is based out of both Boston and San Francisco

Bio: Travel, Food, Fashion Blogger, Boston + San Francisco

J.Q. Louise has 5,821 followers

​Bio: Travel Bloggers based in Boston, Food Writer for the @bostonherald, Author, #BostonFoodCrawls @foodcrawls

Marian has 4,788 followers

Bio: Red hair + blue eyes + vegan. Travel junkie, cocktail lover. Traveling the world by land, sea, &air. Currently: at sea. Instagram: @travelshopgirl

Kara has 4,205 followers

#10 Making Motherhood Visible @msalexandrav

Making Motherhood Visible has 3,178 followers

Bio: Charismatic & Adventurous #Boston Lifestyle & Travel #Blogger. Mom to 2 (2 & 13). Let's collab!

Annmarie has 2,044 followers

Bio: PR consultant, consumer product expert, Spokesperson TV/Radio contributor, lifestyle blogger, travel expert and mom of two.

Marissa has 1756 followers

Bio: PR consultant,consumer product expert, Spokesperson,TV/Radio contributor, lifestyle blogger, travel expert and mom of two. Founder of

#13 Jaime Coval @laviejaime

Jaime has 1456 followers

Bio: City girl living in the burbs. Mama to be Boston blogger, travel lover, Cuse alum + AE @ Boston magazine + Boston Home

Alyssa has 1141 followers

Bio: Director of PR & Social Media @connellyagency:: Lover of style, food, and travel :: Blogger at The A-Lyst, a Boston-based lifestyle blog

Ahlea has 502 followers

Bio: Boston-based travel blogger & hand-lettered crafter I 9-5er budgeting time & money to see the world.

Carpe diem has 415 followers

Bio: Boston-based blogger turning #points and #miles into #travel one credit card at a time.

Fanny has 381 followers

Bio: French photographer in Boston, MA | #Travel, #lifestyle & #photo blogger | Use my Lightroom presets: #ecology #veggie

Alan has 301 followers

Bio: Nerd. Sports. Travel. Occasional Blogger| #NERevs STH | #RealMadrid supporter | #Boston sports fanatic | #GOT connoisseur

#19 Teena K @Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch (OK, I didn't make the list but I always wanted to see my name in lights!)

Teena has 153 followers

Bio: Horse crazy blogger that owns Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch in North Conway, NH | #NorthConway #Travel #vacationrental #horse

​Wrap it up!

We've reached the end of our list and now it's up to you to take this information and run with it.

​The research has been done for you so you no longer have an excuse to not better yourself, your marketing skills and your business! Get a move on.




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