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Best Winter Family Vacation Ever in the White Mountains

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

North Conway NH
Family Friendly Winter Vacation in North Conway

There are plenty of family friendly things to do in North Conway, NH during the winter.

There is nowhere better than the White Mountains in winter to celebrate your family reunion!

Why would you want to spend your winter family vacation anywhere besides a winter wonderland called the White Mountains of New Hampshire? You wouldn’t!

We all want to cozy up in a White Mountain cabin rental by a roaring fire with a big mug of hot chocolate with your entire family and admire this beautiful time you get to spend together.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of cozying up next to a roaring fire in Florida literally sounds like hell.

Here are the top reasons to spend any winter holiday in North Conway and the White Mountains.


North Conway, NH has plenty of family friendly lodging and as a community, is very family oriented.

Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch is an unforgettable White Mountains cabin rental and here are the reasons why...

  • Are locals so we can suggest off the beaten track spots for great food or fun

  • Host small families or friends in our unique one bedroom getaway spots

  • Have you ever vacationed in an RV? We have one for rent

  • Have you ever relaxed in a 1700 farmhouse with a wonderful story to tell?

  • A few minute's walk to the Saco River for tubing and sunbathing

  • Across the street from Sherman Farms Corn Maze

  • Walk to hiking and biking trails that in winter are called Snowmobile Trail (Corridor) #19

  • Are a short drive to North Conway restaurants, outlets, pub crawls, and the downtown village.

Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch has been referred to as a North Conway ranch, NH cabin rental, and White Mountains cabin rental but my guests call is AWESOME!

Also, there are so many winter things you can do in North Conway that will wow everyone in your family group.

If you’re an outdoorsy family there is an abundance (maybe too much) of snow which creates opportunities for any winter activity you can think of including, skiing in North Conway.

Did you know there are 7 awesome ski mountains near North Conway, NH? I've skied all of them and trust me, you love them too!

If you’re like me and not a fan of the cold, there is great shopping, movie theaters, cafes, train rides, and tons of other indoor activities. That includes sitting by a roaring fire with a mug of hot chocolate!

If the kids get restless send them outdoors to build a snowman, snow tunnels, or to have a snowball fight. It’ll wear them out and they’ll be ready for those holiday snuggles in no time.

Still want to hang out with them? Join them! Get some fresh air, you’re on vacation in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

This is your chance to spend time together as a family. Not to mention you can snap a photo for next years family Christmas card.

north conway
North Conway, NH - Jewel of the White Mountains

They aren’t called the White Mountains for how they look in the middle of August. Although, you would be surprised how often Mt. Washington is snow-capped during warm days!

New England is gorgeous. The pure white snow weighs down the pine trees over small uninhabited roads, there are small churches on frozen ponds surrounded by rolling hills, and there are mountains and lakes everywhere that scream winter feelings.

If you love the White Mountains as much as me and would like a locals tips on 3 Perfect Winter Days in North Conway. <-- Check out that blog.

You could take a gondola ride, go skiing, take the Snow Coach (so fun!) up Mt. Washington, go winter rock climbing or hiking and see all of the beauty from the top of the mountainous marvels themselves (say that five times fast)!

No matter where you go you will be surrounded by beautiful winter beauty. Even if you’re sitting nice and cozy inside and admiring the winter through a window.


No matter how often New Englanders are forced to shovel, salt, and plow their driveways, roofs, walkways, and porches they know that they live in a beautiful place.

If they didn’t think that then they wouldn’t live here! Trust me, you wouldn’t either.

The abundance of Christmas lights on houses and downtown roads is a twinkling showcase of Christmas spirit.

You can see large Christmas Trees lit up in windows (Real ones. This is New Hampshire).

Downtown streets lined with beautiful lights, trees, wreaths and all types of Christmas decorations.

There’s literally a store called the Christmas Loft that is open 365 days a year. And the Christmas Tree shop is a great place for inexpensive…anything.

They hold all types of Christmas and winter events including tree lightings, ice skating, and parades. Trust me, You don't want to miss out!


north conway nh
Isn't North Conway , NH Gorgeous?

You may be a visitor but we’re stuck here all winter. We have to stay occupied.

There are so many outdoor activities to do in New Hampshire that it is ridiculous.

Locals of every age own a pair of snow pants because you’d be crazy if you didn’t.

There are downhill ski resorts around every corner, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, rock climbing, hiking, ice skating, ice fishing…I’m exhausted just by typing them all.

You’ll never be stuck without something to do so make sure you invest in warm winter gear and a good pair of snow pants and come join the locals.

It’s the best way to get a taste of life in the White Mountains because it’s not just for tourists—we all take part in the outdoor activities around here.

north conway nh
Family Friendly North Conway, NH

Let’s be real, you wouldn’t think “Oh it’s almost winter, we should pack up our five year old and head to Miami to go clubbing!”

Granted, Florida is tempting for it’s warmth but not for a family friendly winter vacation.

Everything in North Conway is family friendly.

There’s no age limit on ice skating or skiing. It’s all for the whole family! Whether you’re learning and need to sign up for lessons or you’re experts who are ready to head down those black diamonds, New England is here for you.

It’s a great place to raise a family, so most locals have children. New England is a great place to grow up (having grown up here I can honestly say I am doing pretty good!).

Maybe your kids need to get off their tablets and phones and get some outdoor time.

Since there is a lack of cell-phone service, North Conway is ideal to get those teenagers to disengage from their virtual lives.

If the outdoors aren’t your families cup of tea you can still go to great local dining spots, resorts, or go to an indoor ice rink!

Your options are not limited by age in North Conway, NH.

No matter what your family is into (unless it’s Christmas in July) North Conway is ideal for the whole family. Pack everyone up and don’t forget all of the snow pants…or buy them at the North Conway outlets at Settlers Green (there’s no sales tax.) and head to North Conway.

If you’re looking to room your family please don’t be afraid to reach out to me! Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch, a NH cabin rental is here to house every age with a private room, and of course the Eagles Perch! We’re a little tucked away so the winter wonderland of your dreams is right outside your door.

Plus, if it's cold out, which it often is in the winter, hot chocolate is easy (have you heard of red wine hot chocolate? It’s the new craze).




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