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Awesome Covered Bridges in North Conway, NH

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

covered bridge
Awesome Covered Bridges in North Conway, NH

So, you think you know all about covered bridges? Well, you don't!

New Hampshire sure does... well, maybe you build bridges and I shouldn't jump to conclusions but then, you must be interested in North Conway's historic covered bridges!

The White Mountains covered bridge history is wildly interesting.

My favorite is the Jackson Kissing Covered Bridge.

If you're looking for things to do in North Conway and photo ops, head to the Saco River Covered Bridge in summer, Albany Covered Bridge in winter, and the Swift River Bridge in a snowstorm!

If you want to enjoy all the covered bridges that the White Mountains have to offer, you can easily create your very own White Mountains Covered Bridge Tour!

Our covered bridges provide lovely backdrops, history and they bring their own uniqueness to North Conway just due to their existence! Most of them are still in use as regular bridges, although some are simply historic landmarks that are here to be admired.

Now, to be a considered a covered bridge, besides the obvious coverage, it has to be constructed with timber trusses, have sides, a roof and be almost, but not entirely, enclosed.

Before cars were commonplace they created these covered bridges to guard the road from inclement weather, which New Hampshire has an abundance of, and it allowed horses to pass over rivers and streams without panicking due to their intense water flow.

Since the bridges are almost entirely enclosed young couples began using the privacy of covered bridges to sneak smooches and it gave the bridges the nickname "kissing bridges"!

During the 1800's covered bridges were used due to length restrictions that came with other construction options. They were considered hold-overs and they were speckled throughout the North Conway countryside as a reminder of simpler times.

They are a hot spot for photo-seeking tourists and locals alike since they are iconic historical landmarks here in North Conway.

​Here's a list of 12 covered bridges to pick from when you're creating your very own, White Mountains covered bridge tour.

  1. Whittier Covered Bridge - West of NH Rt 10 at West Ossipee Village on old NH Rt 125 over the Bearcamp River

  2. Durgin Covered Bridge - 1.5 miles north of NH Rt 113, 2 miles east of North Sandwich Village on Drugin Road spanning the Cold River

  3. Bump Covered Bridge - One mile east of NH Rt 175 on Bump Road at Campton Hollow spanning the Beebe River

  4. Flume Covered Bridge - East of US Rt 3 in Lincoln over the Pemigewasset River at the junction of NH Rt 175 and US Rt 3

  5. Sentinel Pine Covered Bridge - East of US Rt 3 over the Flume Gorge at the pool in Lincoln

  6. Mechanic Street Covered Bridge - Lancaster. East of US Rt 2 and 3 on Mechanic Street in Lancaster. Spans the Israels River

  7. Stark Covered Bridge - NW of NH Rt 110 on North Road in Stark Village over the Upper Ammonoosuc River

  8. Barlett Covered Bridge - West of US Rt 302, 4.5 miles east of Bartlett Covered Bridge - West of US Rt 302, 4.5 miles east of Bartlett Village over the Saco River

  9. Jackson Kissing Covered Bridge - Jackson

  10. Swift River Covered Bridge - Conway

  11. Saco River Covered Bridge - Conway

  12. Albany Covered Bridge - Albany

saco river covered bridge
Saco River Covered Bridge

Some of our favorite bridges in the White Mountains include the Saco River Covered Bridge in the summer.

This bridge is 235 feet long and was built almost 170 years ago! It was originally built to replace a log bridge that had collapsed, although it was destroyed afterwards by the Swift River Bridge when it slide into it in 1869. The bridge had some bad luck leftover because it was once destroyed in a gulf of flames in 1890.

After its second destruction it was rebuilt by the same gentlemen that built the Jackson Covered Bridge (the kissing bridge) and it has been standing strong ever since.

swift river covered bridge
Swift River Covered Bridge

The Swift River Covered Bridge, the "murderer" of the bridge I had just described, was built in the same year as its "victim", and as I mentioned before it was destroyed when it swept down the river and crashed into the Saco River Covered Bridge. Both bridges broke apart and floated along the wild rapids until they came to rest two miles downstream.

It was rebuilt the next year from the salvaged timbers from both bridges.

The bridge is no longer open to automobiles but you can take a walk through it, sit on the picnic tables and take some great pictures!

albany covered bridge
Albany Covered Bridge

The Albany Covered Bridge is sometimes called "Lovers Bridge" and it sits over the Swift River.

Like the other bridges it was built in the 1850's but was destroyed the same year! What a waste of money... it was rebuilt the next year and is now eligible to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Come by and take some pictures at this beautiful landmark! Especially if you make you way over during the wintertime. It is so peaceful and truly a beautiful sight to behold.

The water below freezes, the sky showcases the milky way in a beautiful field of stars above this gorgeous wooden bridge. Don't miss out on this photo-op!

jackson covered bridge
Jackson Covered Bridge - Kissing Bridge

Last, but not least, is the Jackson Covered Bridge which is commonly known to locals as the Kissing Bridge or Honeymoon Bridge.

It was built a little later, in the 1870's, and has an added sidewalk!

It crosses over the Ellis River and is right in the heart of Jackson Village. It's a popular location to honeymooners and suitors alike.

Unlike the unlucky bridges on our list this beautiful red bridge has not been destroyed in its lifetime and remains a trademark of the North East.

Whether you're just driving through town looking for a great restaurant, need a spot to picnic or you're looking to take some gorgeous pictures, then stop by one of our beautiful covered bridges! Make a day of it and see as many of them as you can!

covered bridge
Where Is This Funky Covered Bridge?

There are many covered bridges a short distance from North Conway, NH.

When I take a tour of an area I have not been to before, I usually pick something to do along the way.

What better way to see some great views than making a list of all the covered bridges surrounding North Conway and heading out for the day to get some great pictures and see some gorgeous views.

Be sure to pack a lunch, put an empty SD card in your camera or make some room on your cell phone, buy a map, and head out for a wonderful day!

Feel free to contact me for more information.




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