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Are You a Pampered Poodle? North Conway is Perfect for Girls Getaway!

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

girls getaways
Pampered Girls Getaways in North Conway, NH

Usually when you think of a relaxing, pampered, vacation you immediately jump to the Caribbean, the Hampton’s, or even Los Angeles. Sometimes you don’t want to spend all that money or travel that far away, or you don’t have the time to travel that far!

North Conway can still give you all the girls getaway benefits that you need. You can still enjoy a change of scenery and taking a step away from the stress of your everyday life whether it's kids, work, family, or just life getting the best of you.

Conway New Hampshire can provide some pampering so that you can reach the utmost amount of relaxation.

Here are some great places to go and things to do in the town of North Conway to appease your inner poodle!


north conway restaurants
North Conway Restaurants - Stairway Cafe

Food is one of the finest enjoyments in life and there is no reason we shouldn’t consider good food as an integral part of relaxation.

Restaurants in North Conway widely vary in food, drinks, and atmosphere. Most of them offer traditional New England food—seafood. And if seafood is not your forte there are plenty of other options.

North Conway offers anything from Mexican to Italian, Irish Pubs to restaurants with beautiful mountain views, and to great brunches. There is something to feed the poodle in all of us!

I’m not talking about your regular old Cheesecake Factory or Olive Garden, I mean locally owned, organically grown, delicious and unique places that deserve your undivided attention. Click here to get our specialized list of original restaurants in North Conway, NH that offer delicious food!

Put your phone away go find a new place and explore some delicious food so that you can enjoy your relaxation on a full stomach...or keep your phone with you because you're on vacation in the 21st century and GPS' are necessary.

girls getaway
Girls Getaway in North Conway - Moondance Massage

If you tell me that you think of pampering yourself and you exclude a massage then I call foul sir! Massages are great for your health, mental well being, and over all relaxation.

There are a few wonderful locally owned massage parlors in North Conway that will help you reach that ultimate level of relaxation I mentioned earlier.

Trilogy Massage Therapy is another great, privately owned massage parlor in North Conway, NH. Lisa offers everything from aromatherapy massages to hot stone therapy, Reiki, and prenatal massages. She even offers herbal foot soaks, salt glows, and sugar scrubs. Don’t miss out on some wonderful relaxation and treatment—your body will thank you.

There are some other great masseurs in the North Conway area and they are listed here.

north conway nh
Zen Nails in North Conway, NH

I know I can’t speak for everyone but I am a stickler for finding a good and affordable nail salon.

One great way to pamper yourself is to get a mani-pedi or whatever your preference or gender is. It’s always nice to have clean and neat fingers and toes and not talons!

There are several nail salons in the North Conway area but here is my top choice!

Nail Envy is owned and run by a married couple from Fryeburg, Maine. They do great work and are very welcoming. They do all of the typical spa treatments for regular prices so it’s not too expensive. Their space is clean and homey and you will feel relaxed and happy! They do accept walk-ins but remember it’s just the two of them, so it may be better to call ahead.

A side note, they do have their dogs in the shop but they are extremely sweet and well behaved. If you’re a dog person like me than this is the place for you!

north conway nh
Yoga on a Girls Getaway in North Conway, NH

If you like to treat yourself with movement, breath, and flow then yoga is the pampering for you. It boosts everything: mind, body, and soul.

There are only a few yoga studios in the Mount Washington Valley and I’m going to talk about one which is in fact a wellness center.

Right in North Conway is Be Well Studios. They are a collaborative holistic health and wellness center with a plethora of holistic health services, yoga classes, workshops, studios, and an independently owned natural foods, market/cafe/deli/bakery. The space is located right in The Local Grocer and is a beautiful space.

Be Well Studios is a great one stop for all of your holistic, relaxation and mental health needs.

Don’t think of yoga and mental health and balance as a job-it’s your vacation and you should treat your body with the rest and healing it needs from the stress of your every day life!

conway scenic railroad
View of Conway Scenic Railroad - North Conway, NH

There is nothing more healing, relaxing and rejuvenating than our own Mother Earth.

Nature can lead to relaxation through it’s breathtaking beauty, clean air, relaxing sounds, and peaceful harmony. Of course there are things to do that require physical exertion but there are ways to relax in nature as well.

North Conway has waterfalls, ponds, lakes, beautiful mountain ranges, hikes, and foliage.

All seasons bring a specific New England beauty that can lead to relaxation if you let it! You’re on vacation. Enjoy the thunderstorm, or a light snowfall.

Go out onto the White Mountain Trail and enjoy wildlife, views, fresh air, and photographic moments.

Head to Diana’s Baths in the summer and cool off in natural waterfalls and pools or grab some inner tubes and go Saco River tubing.

Just sit outside around a bonfire and enjoy the silent woods, and the sky that is heavy laden with stars.

The options for relaxation in North Conway are endless you just have to find the activity that’s right for you (or hit them all! Why not? You’re on vacation after all).

Come join us and escape your every day life. Pamper yourself. ​​

The photo above was taken by Jay Philbrick Photography.

Here's an example of a wedding shot.

wedding in north conway nh
North Conway Wedding - Jay Philbrick Photography

This husband and wife team are the best you will find anywhere!! His wife makes the magic happen and Jay is the photographer.


If you are looking through the maze of North Conway cabin rentals and decide you'd like to vacation in North Conway, NH, check out Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch!

With wild eagles landing on the roof, the Saco River in the backyard, and a beautiful farm across the street The Ranch is a great location for your next vacation!

For almost 30 years, I've been hosting family reunions and friend getaways and most return again and again.





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