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Allergies? Check Out These North Conway Restaurants!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

north conway restaurant
Red Fox Grille, a North Conway Restaurant

Russ and I have entered the world of food, pet, and environmental allergies. He is moderately to severely allergic to 18 of the 20 foods he was tested for plus many environmental and pet allergies thrown in for good measure too!

For all of you reading this blog, the great thing is that we live in North Conway and can help your food allergic loved one(s) enjoy a meal in one of our local North Conway restaurants that are gluten free! We realize that many folks need more than just gluten free but that seems to be the most commonly know allergen.

For those of you that have allergies to many different things we highly recommend printing out these chef cards. Click Here. They make it so much easier for the folks in the restaurant not to have to remember your laundry list of allergies!


Restaurants I can suggest that will be glad to search out menu items that will not have you running to the bathroom or the ER include the list below including anecdotes of our experiences.

Red Fox Grille – They even have a Gluten Free Menu! The staff is very dialed in to allergies and they have a wonderful gluten free wood fired pizza appetizer!

Peace of Mind Baking Company – Please tell Nancy that Teena sent you! Her gluten free and certified organic baked good are wonderful! Our favorites are her whoopie pies, muffins, pizza crust and hamburger rolls!

Stonehurst Manor - On a recent visit to this restaurant, the menu did not specify that the meal came with a reduction (gravy). The waiter saw my husband's face and whisked the plate away and remade it with no reduction. They care!!

Plan on going there on Thursday, it's 2 for 1 dinners. Make your reservations early Thursday morning because they book up QUICKLY! Hand them your chefs card and let them dream up something special for you!

Rosies Restaurant - On your way out of town for breakfast or lunch. They have gluten free English muffins and bread. The staff is great about suggesting substitutions, just don't try taking in your own mug of hot chocolate! They have a sign on the door prohibiting any food or drink from entering the building. :(

North Conway Country Club Restaurant / Ledgeview Grill (ask for Deb). Deb and the kitchen staff are very in tune with food allergies and gluten free concerns.

The view is like a movie and the food is better than the view! Skip the appetizers and go for the salads and wraps! The food presentation is unmatched!

Unfortunately, the restaurant is seasonal and only open for breakfast and lunch during golf season.

Almost There Restaurant - They serve gluten free pizza starting at $12.99 for a 12 inch! They'll even bake your french fries (sweet potato ones too) in their pizza oven so they're not exposed to shellfish in the fryolator! Tell Scott, Cowboy or Anna that Teena and Russ sent you! They'll take good care of your needs!

Taste Of Thai Restaurant - Ask to speak to someone that speaks great English. They are very willing to accommodate you with a gluten free or other ingredient free dish but there can be a language barrier with some of the wait-staff.

Flatbread Pizza - All their pizza is baked in a stone pizza oven and they prepare it right in front of you too! Their gluten free pizza costs a bit more but you'll be sure to love it!

Having lived with a person with sever food allergies for many years, I know that it's very stressful trusting an unknown restaurant with your health on vacation.

Many nights we have gone out to eat only to have to rush home because someone used soy oil instead of the advertised olive oil (and all of you have been there too, I'm sure). I understand your anxiety.

If it's too stressful going to a North Conway restaurant because of your food allergies, consider a cabin rental in New Hampshire. North Conway vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes and they all have kitchens!

Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch is a one of a kind North Conway cabin. In fact, it's a one of a kind cabin rental in North Conway.

A kitchen, a glorious kitchen. Now, don't get me wrong, the kitchen at Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch is small but you can whip up delicious meals - and stay healthy! That's one of the great things about renting a North Conway vacation rental. Plus, you can pop over to the farm across the street and get fresh produce!

For someone with severe pet allergies, the best part about a vacation is staying healthy and being able to fully enjoy your time away.

Imagine the relief of being able to prepare all of your meals and snacks without the "what if's" that plague us when we got out to a restaurant in North Conway.

I can't tell you how many times I've grilled poor servers about ingredients and if the cooks followed the directions on the meal ticket.

My husband has finally said he has no interest in checking out new restaurants. There are enough in the list above that care about food allergies and he can be certain they food is safe for him. 🙂



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