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7 Reasons Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Renting a Room

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

I've been involved in the vacation rental or short term rental industry both as a traveler and owner for 45 years!

The combined experience as an owner and traveler has impacted my life is a fantastic way. I've been to places I never would have been able to because I rented houses - many rural destinations do not have traditional hotels or motels!

What has happened in the past 20 years to guests and owners because of online travel agencies like Airbnb and Expedia have caused me to be a champion for alternaties of Vrbo.

I'd like to share my top 7 reasons that vacation rentals are better than a hotel.

Before I do, let's time warp back to how folks used to locate hotels, motels and vacation rentals.

If you take the way-back train to the days of no Internet or cell phones, you'd be shocked at the work it took to plan a vacation!

The fastest way to plan a vacation when I was a kid (I'm OLD), was to drive to the library. The library is old fashioned Google. At the library, you could peruse travel magazines, pour through travel guides like Frommers, pick the librarian's brain, and look for rack cards by the door for hotel/motel ads.

Fast forward to today. It takes seconds to get a list of every hotel or motel in your destination if you use a search engine on the Internet.

I have owned a North Conway Vacation Rental for almost 30 years.

Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch is a North Conway cabin rental or you could also classify it as a New Hampshire cabin rental. I say that because the words you put into the search effect the results you get.

I've vacationed like crazy my whole life and stayed in all kinds of lodging including; hotels, motels, pensions, hostels, campgrounds, short term rentals, and more.

Hands down, I've had the best times when I rent a home directly from the owner in whatever far flung place I land.

Short term rental is how we used to describe vacation rentals. Truly, a vacation rental can be a lodge, home, condo, treehouse, yurt, and other interesting lodging.

In the past several decades of owning my North Conway cabin rental guests have described their experience vacationing at my North Conway vacation rental in amazing ways.

  • I haven't laughed so hard in years

  • It was so great being under one roof

  • I found out my husband loves to cook

  • My son loves his cousins now

  • We'll talk about this vacation forever

Every parting comment is heart-felt and makes me so happy!

  1. Vacation rentals are EVERYWHERE! - even in North Conway!

  2. Personalized Service

  3. Cook at HOME

  4. Save Money

  5. LOTS of Space

  6. Privacy - No Sharing

  7. Traveling with a Group

Read on for the skinny on the pluses of vacation rentals...

Hotels are usually plunked along major highways and at exit ramps.

If you want to search for a vacation rental, do your homework. Try searching on the Internet, reading reviews, and maybe reaching out on Facebook and asking for recommendations from family or friends, you will be pleasantly surprised with the vacation rental gems you'll find.

Vacation rentals are unique and special and most often have surprising amenities!

If you choose to spend your vacation off the beaten track, you'll be introduced to local foods (and skip the chain restaurants) and you will meet the locals.

Venture into local neighborhoods and tucked away places and that’s where you’ll find them!

Having a special celebration? Keep it intimate! Vacation renal owners can arrange for a catered meal, a paint and sip class, a yoga class or even a massage therapist.

Let’s face it, the cost of the hotel room is small compared to the cost of dining out 3 meals and doing all paid entertainment.

Some of our most memorable conversations over the years have happened while we are preparing meals together at a vacation or around the family table.

Having a kitchen for your use allows you to cook when and what you will enjoy instead of ending up at a restaurant that has a menu with nothing on the menu that jumps out at you.

If you have an food allergies a kitchen is literally a lifesaver for some!

Enjoy all the comforts of home! Relax at the kitchen table enjoying some great conversation, watch some home movies with extended family in the living room, enjoy a whiffle ball game with the little ones.. there are many spots in a vacation rental to enjoy. Hotel rooms offer a few square feet of empty space and a desk for you to gather.

Do the math! You can save lots of money by renting a North Conway vacation rental

The rental rate per room is less than a hotel PLUS you won’t have as much entertainment cost.

You can relax and play a game of cards instead of shelling out money for the myriad of paid entertainment options in most vacation destinations.

The bonding time spent in a relaxing atmosphere will be priceless!

Don’t worry.

Vacation rental owners won’t be barging in to turn over the room at 9 AM.

If you sit in the living room there won’t be guests coming and going.

You get to pick what TV station to watch - or not watch.

Vacation Rentals offer complete privacy for you to enjoy being alone or gathering with your friends and family.

Whatever amenities are provided at the Vacation Rental you choose are yours alone.

You really don’t have to share your vacation memories with 60 other hotel guests.

When planning a vacation with other families consider a large vacation rental home. The common areas and amenities will weatherproof your vacation fun! If you want some of your own space pick somewhere smaller, or with more unique lodgings!

Imagine vacationing for a family reunion tucked in a hotel room for a rainy week. Yuck.

You'll miss the fun of spreading out and enjoying your own space.



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