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7 North Conway, NH Restaurants for the Foodie in You! (for real)

north conway restaurants
North Conway Restaurants for the Foodie in You!

​Calling all foodies to North Conway Restaurants!

Who would think that a foodie would find wonderful and interesting restaurants in North Conway, NH... well, you will.

North Conway, NH has restaurants in all shapes and sizes including; family restaurants, romantic hideaway restaurants, Italian, American, steak houses, and finally, Ledges Restaurants - my personal fav.

Let's be real, one of the most enjoyable things that we get to experience in life is food. If you don't enjoy food, are you even human? It may be a luxury to some but it is one of the most satisfying activities we partake on a regular basis. (I partake if someone else cooks!)

The best part about the North Conway restaurants I'm suggesting is they are ALL take food allergies very seriously!

​Every one of them will take the time to ensure the oil used to fry your French fries has no soy in it or the salad of your choice has no nuts.

Local Picks of the 7 Best North Conway Restaurants!

  1. Stonehurst Manor Wild Rose Restaurant & Martini Lounge

  2. Ledges Restaurant at the White Mountain Hotel and Resort

  3. North Conway Country Club - Ledge View Grill

  4. The Flatbread Company

  5. Frontside Grind - North Conway Restaurant and Coffee House

  6. Stairway Cafe - North Conway, NH Restaurant

  7. Snowvillage Inn - A Valley Original where I got married!

Make sure you discuss any food allergies even before you peruse the menu. Most times your server will clue you in to what foods can be altered and what cannot. North Conway, NH is not just for people who want to camp out in the woods cooking hot dogs, beans and bear meat over a fire (although you absolutely can and should do something like that, at least for the experience). North Conway, New Hampshire is a great place to do our favorite thing - EAT! Now, obviously we still have chain restaurants (yuck!!) and "regular" dining spots but you can to those anytime! North Conway has restaurants that will surprise and reward you for seeking them out. Here's where I'm going to beg you to steer clear of chain restaurants! You're on vacation for Pete's sake, be brave and eat local! In fact, keep your eye out for the Valley Original flag hanging proudly outside the North Conway restaurants that belong to that prestigious organization! Whether you're into eating your food or taking pictures of it, this list if for you! These are my top restaurant picks in North Conway for the "foodie".

The Stonehurst Manor is a well know restaurant in North Conway. It's a gorgeous, period building that brings the 19th century up to present day. Their dining area, the Wild Rose Restaurant, has delicious and beautiful homemade wood-fired bread, pizza, and various genres of great food.

If great atmosphere is important to you, you've picked the perfect place! I would classify this North Conway restaurant as romantic or a perfect place to get a great steak meal.

There are two separate dining areas to choose from. The upper level only has a few tables and is quieter than the terrace but there are no windows and the door to the kitchen is in this room. It makes for lots of traffic back and forth. The porch area is bit noisier but there is a bank of windows all around and has a Victorian porch atmosphere.

It's a great spot for diving into the New England seafood scene that we New Englanders take such pride in.

​There are many seafood creations on the menu to pick from. Indulge, you're on vacation!

If seafood isn't your thing, there's also a variety of dishes from steak to pasta.

Wild Rose Restaurant also offers gluten-free, vegetarian, and dairy free options for those with dietary restrictions. I can say with first-hand experience, the kitchen staff and wait staff are really interested and in tune with folks' allergies and sensitivities.

After dinner, head to the Martini bar were they have a vast list of martini's, obviously, alongside some other classic cocktails like Manhattans to more abstract drinks like a Pisco Sour, Asian Pear Mojito, and an Electric Cucumber Colada.

I won't lie, I love a gin Martini extra dirty with olives but that Asian Pear Mojito is amazing. They also have a full bar with brews, wines, cognac, scotch and the like.

Go have your adult drink after your delicious dinner... or before... or with... whatever, I'm not here to tell you how to eat. I'm hoping you'll strike out and try something new on your North Conway, NH vacation!


north conway restaurant
White Mountain Hotel Restaurant

If you like food with a view, this this is the place for you (the rhyme was unintentional but it sure is catchy)! North Conway is full of gorgeous views but I must say, this is my top pick from the inside of a North Conway restaurant. I would suggest Ledges Restaurant for a romantic meal and it has delicious American cuisine. The White Mountain Hotel and Resort has a wonderful dinner and pub menu and the food is delicious! Ledges Restaurant focuses on serving the freshest ingredients, providing the finest service, and specializing in New England cuisine (did somebody say... lobster?). They have been awarded the "Award of Excellence" from Wine Spectator every year since 1995, due to their extensive wine list. Join them for their Friday Night Seafood Fest where you can have anything from poached salmon to gulf shrimp cocktail encompassed in a 4-Course meal or you can attend their award winning Sunday brunch where you can enjoy their Belgian Waffles, eggs Benedict, roasts, or homemade corned beef hash. Either way, you will be wowed by their delicious food and gorgeous view of North Conway, Cranmore Mountain, and other local mountains... or you can eat cereal at home. It's up to you. HA! Don't forget to stop in at Tullamore Tavern, the hotel's traditional style Irish pub. They have a full bar with locally brewed beer, wine, cocktails and a menu of soups, burgers and nachos - because it's a pub. Often times I choose the tavern for a sandwich, a good unfiltered wheat beer, and some great conversation with out of towners. It's a great pick of North Conway restaurants because it has the best of pub, fine dining, and a superb wine list.

north conway restaurant
North Conway Country Club - Ledge View Grill

Ledge View Grill is a totally hidden gem of a restaurant in North Conway.

Where is it, you ask?

Check out the North Conway Country Club. You don't have to be a member and there is not dress code.

It's my go-to North Conway restaurant when friends come to town. Not only is the service superior, the food is served hot and is delicious.

Superior service and terrific food are not even the BEST parts of this hidden gem of a North Conway restaurant

The view from the deck of the North Conway Country club is undoubtedly the best in the White Mountains!

My second favorite part of Ledge View Grill is the prices on the menu! You can be a hero and pick up the check without applying for a mortgage.

Get out a pencil and take notes about all the great parts of this North Conway restaurant at the North Conway Country Club!!!

north conway restaurant
North Conway Restaurant - Flatbread Pizza

Despite the fact that the last two restaurant are in hotels, you don't have to go to a hotel to get great food. Flatbread Restaurant is definitely a family friendly North Conway, NH restaurant. The Flatbread Company is a well known restaurant in North Conway for guess what - flatbread pizza! It's cooked in a wood-fired clay oven that's right in the dining room! Sit far away from the ovens in summer and you'll be better off! They take pride in their all-natural and organic ingredients which is a must if you're truly a foodie. They make their own dough daily and it's 100% organic. If you're gluten free they have a locally made pizza crust that you'll love! It's made at my friend's bakery in Conway and is DELICIOUS! (She ships her delicious creations as far away as Hawaii!) There's a variety of salads and pizzas with all options ranging from gluten free to meat lovers (chemical-free meat that is), glulten-free meat lovers, and even vegan pizzas (or gluten-free vegan pizza). All the choices are delicious and affordable. Flatbread also provides free refills of fountain soda and coffee, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is very organic and woodsy. Mostly you sit at a table, the occasional couch, or outside. And for those of you that are homebodies and hate talking on the phone-they have online ordering!


north conway restaurant
North Conway Restaurant and Coffee House

Frontside Grind is an artisan coffee shop right in the center of North Conway Village. Even on vacation, we all know it's hard to kick that caffeine addiction we all have. (Hey, it's 2022 don't lie, we all have it to some degree - coffee, frappucino's, hot chocolate, whatever.)

Frontside Grind has been in business for the past 20 years and is still doing what it does best - provide a relaxing space for folks to enjoy a tasty drink or a carefully crafted sandwiches, soups, and other tasty treats.

Their large glass storefront fills the space with sunlight, their upstairs seating is very relaxed, back room area, and a peaceful patio in the warmer months, overlooking the mountains.

You'll find delicious coffee, teas, pastries, bagels, sandwiches and soups for a quick afternoon bite. Frontside is definitely a great place to get a hot drink on a cold New England day or a cold drink on a hot New England day!


North Conway Restaurant - Stairway Cafe

Stairway Cafe is an all day breakfast and lunch North Conway restaurant because dinner is for squares! ​They have a really interesting breakfast menu with your typical pancakes, eggs, omelets, and French toast makings but check out their wild game sausage breakfast which includes buffalo, venison, wild boar, elk or duck sausage and your have yourself a unique New England meal. Like most original restaurants in North Conway, they try to use local New England produce for every plate to ensure you the the best quality ingredients for your meal. And, speaking of local, they have a Fresh Maine Lobster Benedict that couldn't be more worth it! For lunch, you can enjoy anything from salads to burgers to lobstah rolls, because this is New England.​ Go check them out and get your fill of the best two meals of the day!


North Conway Restaurant
Snowvillage Inn - I Got Married There!

Going a little off the beaten path in North Conway can lead to some beautiful places and great restaurants... or you could be lost, but hopefully not. Either way, there is beauty to be found in all corners of the White Mountains! If you head off the beaten path, you may wind up at Snowvillage Inn!

I can say this with experience, it's a beautiful spot to have a gathering and dinner! I got married there! The owners are wonderful, the setting is gorgeous and the food is out of this world!

I love everything on the menu and would say that if you're looking for an inventive Italian restaurant in North Conway, pick Snowvillage Inn!

The Snowvillage Inn is home to Max's Restaurant and Pub. It's a perfect spot to have a fine meal in a relaxing and upscale atmosphere. Max's Restaurant is part of the Valley Originals in the North Conway area. Valley Originals are locally owned and operated plus they are a socially aware and involve group of folks!

Max's has 2 spots you can enjoy dinner and a porch for relaxing and to sip a drink or two!

There is the main dining room plus a cozier fireplace room with a view. My favorite is to go and have a drink at sunset on the porch and then dine in the fireplace room! The view from the porch is outstanding! It's a gorgeous view of Mt Washington and the Presidential Range - it's a beautiful sight to behold.

They have a wonderful menu that includes fried brussel sprouts (UGH my favorite), duck, oysters, and crab cakes and that's just the appetizers.

Snowvillage Inn has a catch of the , and entree called Wild Side which can be anything from beef to boar or antelope to venison! They also have duck, steak, lamb, gnocchi and some gluten-free options.

Don't forget to leave room for dessert because they serve chocolate tort, citrus layer cake, New York style cheesecake, and most importantly, salted caramel creme brulee.

It's truly a great spot for enjoying a fine meal, taking pictures of your fine meal, and enjoying a beautiful view with a glass of fine wine (or if you're me, a delicious unfiltered wheat beer) in your hand.


That concludes our Foodie list of original and authentic restaurants in North Conway, NH. Please come join us and feel right at home. Come eat with us!

For more info and insider's tips please contact us! If you're looking for a great NH or North Conway cabin rental, check out Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch.


Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch ​(603) 662 - 5391


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