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11 Kid Friendly Secrets for a Rainy Day in North Conway, NH

rainy day, north conway nh
Things To Do on a Rainy Day in North Conway, NH

Looking for rainy day, kid-friendly things to do while vacationing in North Conway, NH?

North Conway, NH is typically fun, picturesque, and very outdoorsy. If you've traveled to town expecting to hike, bike, or tube and Mother Nature throws a few inches of rain into the mix - fear not!

There are plenty of kid friendly, indoor and outdoor things to do on a rainy day in North Conway, NH.

  • Conway Scenic Railroad

  • Story Land

  • Diana's Baths

  • Uberblast

  • M&D Productions

  • Saco Valley Sports Center

  • Remick Country Doctor Museum

  • Tin Mounatin Conservation Center

  • Ham Arena

  • Splashing in puddles

I've compiled a list of low cost/high enjoyment family and kid-friendly things to do in North Conway, NH!

​Our favorite rainy day activities include; Conway Scenic Railroad, Story Land, Diana's Baths, Mt Washington Valley Children's Museum, Uberblast, M&D Productions, Saco Valley Sports Center, Remick Country Doctor Museum, Tin Mountain Conservation Center, Ham Arena, and last but not least - splashing in puddles.

North Conway started out as a winter ski destination and in the last 25 years has morphed into a four season resort town with just about every type of activity (including fun things for kids) you can imagine! So, grab your raincoat and head out for some good old fashioned kid-friendly fun on this rainy day!


conway scenic railroad
Ride The Conway Scenic Railroad

If you know me personally, you know that I have huge opinions about tourist traps. You heard it here - Conway Scenic Railroad is worth every penny in any weather! I've ridden the Notch Train in all kinds of weather; sun, rain, freezing cold, and prime foliage. I'm calling out the Notch Train because I think that it's the best route they have. Can you picture yourself on a train, going over something called Frankenstein Trestle? Have you ever been to Saco Lake? Yep, it's where the Saco River begins. Have you ever seen the Mount Washington Hotel from a train? You'll get to experience all those things and more from the Notch Train. The views are spectacular, you can bring a lunch or buy it on the train, the audio that is played all the way out is very informative, the train workers are very helpful, and the best part is the kids usually sleep all the way on the return trip!


story land
Bargains at Story Land on Rainy Days

Story Land is a mere 10 minute drive from North Conway, NH. And if it's a rainy day then we have the best tip for you! So, are you ready for some top secret, kid-friendly, rainy day fun at Story Land? I've got the best insider info you'll get anywhere!

The kids are screaming because it's raining and you don't want to waste your money by going to Story Land on a rainy day. Mom, Dad, you promised!

Here's the best deal in the White Mountains. Grab rain gear for everyone, pack some water and snacks, and head on over to Story Land even thought it's raining! Get there at 3 PM and you'll have the park to yourself until closing time AND get a free pass for the next day.

Skeptical? Don't want to go in the rain? Don't be. You'll just about have Story Land to yourselves and you can either ride the water rides in the rain (heck, you're going to get wet anyway!) or do all the inside rides today and hopefully, tomorrow will be sunny and you can do the outside rides!

The kids will be happy and so won't you because you've got 3 extra hours of entertainment for free! You're welcome!


dianas baths
Diana's Baths on a Rainy Day

​Diana's Baths - What the heck! You're going to get wet anyway and you will have the falls ALL to yourselves! Who'd have thought this little haven was right here in North Conway, NH? This is a series of beautiful waterfalls with several spots to splash around. Grab your waterproof camera, water shoes, lunch, some dry clothes, and towels, because you are in for a TREAT! My favorite thing to do is create a series of rock cairns. They make wonderful backdrops for your family photos. Put your water shoes on so you can search around for the perfect flat stone to make your Instagram worthy rock creations! The falls are about a 1/2 mile hike on a flat wide gravel path. The path has recently been upgraded and now the access to Diana's Baths is ADA handicap accessible. There's plenty of parking early in the morning, late in the afternoon AND all day if it's raining! Don't forget to get a ticket and pay for your parking spot. A $3 fee will save you a $20 ticket if you're parked in the lot and a $100 fine if you park on the street!


Ham Arena - The Ham Arena is close by and is a great spot to enjoy an afternoon of ice skating. They offer both public skating and Stik and Puck times when anyone can join in on the fun. Don't worry about non-skaters, there are crates to help you along on the ice plus seating in a heated viewing area for those want to just relax. There are rest rooms, equipment rentals, a snack counter, seats in a heated viewing area for the grandparents, and TV's for those that don't want to miss the game. For those adults that want to skip the skating thing altogether, head to Almost There right down the street for a beer and a burger!


tin mountain conservation center
Tin Mountain Conservation Center

Tin Mountain Conservation Center - Their mission statement says it all, " promote an appreciation of the natural environment and to demonstrate responsible stewardship."

The inside of the building is beautiful and it has a great library for browsing.

Their many environmental and nature programs are excellent and either low or no cost. I homeschooled my son so I can vouch for the great programs Tin Mountain offers! We attended dozens of them and they were always a hit with the adults and kids.


remick museum
Remick Country Doctor Museum - Tamworth

Remick Country Doctor Museum - The Museum is a 100+ acre working farm, homestead and museum. This lovely museum and farm is only 30 minutes from North Conway and is beyond worth that short drive! It's the only country doctor museum in New England and one of three in the entire US! You can wander the grounds and barns, take an educational program or tour the museum.

The museum is interactive so feel free to wander around.

My son was a docent at Remick when he was 14 years old. Needless to say, we spent many hours and days there volunteering and taking classes. THIS is a great take!

Admission is $5 and programs are free or low cost. A great rainy day is guaranteed for ALL!


saco valley sports center
Saco Valley Sports Center - Bowling and More!

Saco Valley Sports Center - Candlepin bowling for the young (bumper bowling) and young at heart! Fryeburg, ME is a neighboring city to North Conway. It's the first town you'll hit in Maine if you head a little southeast of North Conway, NH. It is literally a 4 minute drive from Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch. Be sure to try out their golf simulators, air hockey and pool table too!

Bowling isn't a passion for me but it's small town fun and we've had great laughs as a family there!

Great family fun for everyone!

north conway nh
Likety Splitz Sundae Bar

Likety Splitz - In the heart of North Conway is a make your own sundae bar. I have heard it's a touch pricey but think of the photos of the giant smiles you can get of the kids before they dig in! Great playground outside for good weather and interesting and funky memorabilia inside.

We Promise Some Sun SOON!


Weather Discovery Center - Sun you say? You want to see some SUN? :) Well, paddle on over to the Weather Discovery Center at the top of Mt Washington. Throw in a dose of learning and folks, we've got a winner! Explore the science of weather through fun and interactive exhibits. including:

  • A giant air cannon

  • Life size and touchable tornado

  • Pond that allow you to control the wind and see what happens if you're in a boat

  • Real weather instruments

  • Replica of the Observatory's weather station that endured the record breaking 231 MPH winds!

  • Mini weather studio with real green screen and monitor where you can test your forecasting skills (it's WAY harder than you think)

  • Two times daily you can connect and ask questions of a meteorologist working at the summit of Mt Washington!

My personal favorite is the spot where you can pretend to be a meteorologist. I chuckle when I watch the videos of me trying to point at NH on the invisible map. Did you know that the folks in front of the camera don't have a map showing? It's a blank screen!


Uberblast Mini-Golf and More!

Uberblast Mini-Golf and More Right off of The White Mountain Highway in North Conway, NH

Uberblast- This is a shameless plug. The owners of this fine establishment are friends of mine. They do a wonderful job of providing a safe, entertaining and really fun environment to entertain you and the kids too!

The array of entertainment includes; video arcade games, basketball, pinball, air hockey, inflatable play area, miniature golf and much more.

It's fun for all ages!

m & d theatre productions
M&D Theatre Productions - Awesome Shows!

M&D Theatre Productions in Conway, NH

M&D Productions - They are a theater company whose goal is to raise awareness of local and social issues through theater while collaborating with others to help make a difference in our community. You might want to contact me to arrange for someone to watch the kids though, their shows are riveting and emotional and not meant for the younger set. I have personally seen or volunteered at 10's of shows put on by M&D and they've all been top quality! This theater groups has won several prestigious award for excellence. Great shows at a great price!

Nothing floats your boat? Well, check out "Things to Do In North Conway". Teena

Russ-Tee Bucket Ranch (603) 662 - 5391


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